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Monday, September 7, 2009

'Our Pleasant Surprise'

Megan with Daddy Bill, Katie with Mamma JolenePretty Creek Pic

Cool Ride
Our Megan with a Black-Eyed Susan plant
Our pretty little Katie
4-wheelin' the trails

Ewww, Syrus has a grasshopper
mmmmm, apples from trees are so juicy...Katie told Megan to eat all her apple cause it was a healthy treat right from the tree, and Grandma said they could throw the core in Daddys deer plot and grow another tree....
The girls were so impressed that apples came from a tree...cute
The look on Katies face was priceless, and of course, (no camera), when she pulled the biggest carrot out of the ground.......Grandpa washed it for her under the faucet and she ate the whole thing....along with lettuce, broccolli, a cherry tomato off the vine, and chard.....the only thing she did not care for...
It's always a pleasure to see our family but when they just 'pop' in, it's a wonderful surprise. We had a most pleasant day with two of our granddaughters and their folks......took a little 4-wheel ride through our woods trails, checked the trail camera, picked apples Off a Tree, (Katie informed me that their apples came from the store), harvested some garden, discovered grasshoppers, picked flowers and played on the tire swing.....what a nice, relaxing afternoon.....


thegrubers said...

Thanks for the link and the pics...we had a great time! Love Bill, Jolene, Katie and Megan

Cher' Shots said...

What a great surprise! Love the pics too.

lil sis said...

It sure is nice to see pics of your little grandgirlies - they're adorable.
Hello to Bill and Jolene. I know Dar loved having you visit -
she told me so. Sounds like you need to plant a garden or at least
an apple tree for the gals... they seem to love it.
Hope all is well in the northland.
Love to all of you.

Dee said...

I love surprises like this! They are just the best!!! You have adorable grandbabes.
I love the tasting of the fresh produce. Children are so cool! These are lovely memories to hold close to your heart. Sweet! :)