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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apples Etc.

Applesaucein Sy, my big helper
Applesauce and jelly

Uncle Bob's Purple Plums

Apples and TatorApple Pie

The Best Apple Pie

Wolf River Apples

We have been harvesting galore, lately. The apples were absolutely wonderful this year again. There were 10 cups of Apples in that delicious pie....my, oh, my what a treat.....and the sauce and jellies made us proud. My grandson loves to pitch in and help whenever he can....and promises to do that all his life....I love it
You all have an awe inspiring day and bless the world with your kindness......and sweetness of pie.....;0)


lil sis said...

Syrus sure is a handsome young fella. Looks like his papa at that age.
I bet he couldn't wait to bite into that apple pie and I bet you had
ice cream on top too! lol Thats one pretty pie woman - maybe you
should be a professional baker!
Have a blessed day and will talk to you soon.
love ya- me

Dee said...

Love that glorious smile on your handsome Grandson. Sharing this time with Syrus is a wonderful way to can and bake apples and make sweet memories!

Wishing you a lovely sweet day!

Cher' Shots said...

Love this Syrus,applesauce, potato and PIE post.