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Sunday, September 27, 2009

'Harvest 09 Continues'

Look what I found on the neighbors junk pile....
Apples Anyone???
Mini Wild Plums
Hmmm, Plum Pudding and Apple Pie?
Jack-Be-Little Pumpkin Decor

We started the day out with a visit and lots of laughs over breakfast and coffee with my twin brother early this morning. It was a great way to get the day going. Folded yesterdays laundry and headed to the woods with the trailer and 4-wheeler to pick apples before the bear and deer break the branches and eat them all. WoW, were we surprised...we filled the trailer besides 4 five gallon buckets. Most will go out to the critters after we cull through them to pick the best for more pies and sauces. Understand tho, that these are not your orchard sprayed apples that we pick. They are from trees grown in the wild from someone tossing a core, or what the birds and animals have planted after thorough digestion. We waste nothing. Our folks have taught us young that we waste not, want not. It's part of what most of our youth now refer to as 'going green', as if it were something 'new' that todays college educated have created...LOL...if they only had listened to their forefathers...I could go on...but you get the picture.
Next we picked tiny plums the size of a nickel and large as a quarter of which I will make a few jars of jam...there were so few on my tree this year that I may have to buy a few large store plums to have enough to make a batch., but well worth the effort.
My goal today was to do more canning but since I am physically exhausted, a shower sounds good, a little reading on 'root cellaring' some carrots in damp sawdust...and then an evening watching the deer and turkeys at the cabin, sounds even better.
God Bless You All

1 comment:

Cher said...

Oh ~ wait until you see the "treasuer" we came across this weekend ~ curious aren't you?
We did some apple harvesting this past week too!
LOVE your lil' pumpkin' decor.
Always enjoy your posts! :)