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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Signs of Fall

God Bless Our Country on this fine fall dayA Spider's Web
God's Framework...
FireWoods...looks like the woods is on fire but it is the sun hitting colored leaves at sunset
Looking Up
Readying for the fall bow hunt
More Looking Up at the breathtaking beauty of fall in WI
There's a Nip in the Air...look at the frosty ground in the corral
And what's fall without Pumpkins on the last of the vines before frost

The trees have been vibrant, the scent of fall is overwhelming from wet falling leaves, the smell of applesauce and pies filling the house, to moss in the deep woods and plentiful mushrooms. The last of the harvest coming inside fills my counters and shelves with gourds, sunflowers, houseplants back in place coming in out of the cold. The garage sales are quickly ending, too cool out. The birds are congregating, readying for their flight to warmer climes...I should like to join them. The smell of a wood fire burning to keep us warm is a good smell and feel to those of us who know and love it. Thus goes in the northwoods which many of us here refer to as God's Country. May He Bless You All


Cher' Shots said...

I love fall!!!

lil sis said...

A very beautiful God's Country it is... can't believe how
cold out it's been up there already....burrrrr.
So - who's making the pumpkin pies and bread,
you or Willy?

~mel said...

Love the fall photos. Let me know when the pie is on the table. yum ... I got a hankering for something pumpkin.

Dee said...

Magnificent! It's as if the wonderful is alive and bursting with joy of a successful season. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome photos and thoughts.

Wishing you a lovely & wonderful Autumn! :)