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Saturday, September 26, 2009


~mel said...

Can you do the can can? Why yes I can. Your salsa sounds yum. I guess Mom sure did instill into us some good canning skills if I say so myself. It is a lot of work; but doesn't it make you feel good knowing how much money you saved making it homemade; and knowing what the ingredients are that you are putting into your body. One thing for sure about our families... we do eat good nutritious foods.

~mel said...

One more thing... I love your little kitchen that you and Bill made out in your garage for doing all your canning and meat cutting. Isn't it nice not having that mess in the house. Maybe now that we don't have the bait shop; I might just have to consider a little kitchen area myself in our garage.

Dar said...

Oh Mel, do go for a kitchen in the garage...what a lifesaver for me...if ya spill, pull out the hose and spray it away, no more steamed up house from the hrs. of canning, no ruining my glasstop stove, and no more struggling to find the room to spread everything out...I do love it, and Bill even gets into it cause we aren't stepping on each others feet all the time....we have elbow room...lots of it...one thing will change tho when the stove dies, I will have a gas stove ...it is so much easier to control the heat...and faster, we have found by using the gas base for the turkey fryer for an extra canner. Gas is good.
As for that Mom of ours, yes, she did give us the knowhow to do for ourselves...and they say 'going green', is a 'new' thing...what do they know that our parents and grandparents haven't taught all of us....just needed to pay attention and call for advice often in the learning process...the folks have handed us some traditions that I wish All of my kids would take advantage of....there is still time...
Don't want to jinx myself but so far, so good, every jar has sealed and the ones from a month ago are still holding tight...but I still have lots to do...'
So, til then, I have work to do...and God Bless Your Week