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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Can You Do the CanCan?

Fall Colors Bring Fall Canning
Much Work Awaits

I have been canning til I'm blue in the face...whew...what a busy day :o) I'm plum tuckered and did nothing with the plums yet..LOL...What I did do, however, was start my day out by grinding cucumbers, celery, onions, red and green peppers for my pickle relish, with oversized cucs from the neighbors, bless their hearts....that had to soak in salt brine for 4 hours.
Meanwhile, I chopped, diced, ground and spiced some tomatoes, cucs and secret ingredients to make some awesome gazpacho salsa that would be good as a tomato soup base as well as a cold soup. I got 4 pts. and 10 half pts. and plan to use ours as a salsa, pure and simple, since we salsas.
Still time to kill before I have to finish the pickle relish so I skimmed through the recipes to see if I had all the ingredients for Indian Chutney,...and yes, I did so.....on with the plan. Now chutneys in general are a great condiment for meats, bases for dips and spreads...which is what we will do with it...this particular chutney recipe only made 5 1/2 pts. but has a powerful flavor that will go far. It is loaded with surprises like raisins, onions, brown sugar And molasses, lemon, orange and lime segments cut fine, all dredged in many spices, cayenne, hot pepper flakes, cinnamon, cloves, to name a few......and wow, what a punch of flavor for my dips....can't wait to open the first jar. There are so few, I'm thinking Thanksgiving and Christmas for sure.
Finally, after 4 1/2 hrs. on my feet, I finished the pickle relish, a bit on the sweet side, but the one I have made for over 35 yrs, and we love on hotdogs, brats, and to make my homemade lemon dilled tartar sauce for our salmon and other fish frys...yum, yum!!! Of that, I tripled the recipe and got equivalent to 14 and 1/2 pts.
Still sitting on the counter, waiting to be put in the pantry is 8 qts. and 15 pts of sourkraut...that was canned earlier this week...
So, Can You Do the CanCan?

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