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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blasted Anyway

How I am longing for days like this,
smelling the bluebells or dusting
my nose full of pollen from the lilies...

or swinging in the hammock while
gazing at the blue sky through the treetops.

Instead, it's presently only minus -15 degrees
but promising minus -23 by morning with
bitter cold arctic winds making it feel 
like minus -44...yes, you read that right.

We are getting Blasted !!!

Winter is here, the part no one likes.
I'd even rather be shoveling piles of snow
off my deck or playing in it with the grandkiddles.
But this???? ... not funny
Mother Nature.
It's not so nice when it's hard to keep 
the house warm or my achin' bones.

So what do we do in this refrigerator we 
choose to live in, you ask.
I'll be taking down the Christmas tree,
loading the branches with popcorn strings and 
cranberries, orange slices and tallow.
All for the birds so their bellies stay full and warm....
(after the cold snap!) but I will keep the feeders full.

I'll start a puzzle on the Stow n' Go felt
so I can move it off the table and make room
for card games and ' Farkle.'
How bout you? 
What do you do when the cold keeps you inside?
Bake something or roast something long and slow.
That'll warm the kitchen , at least.

No matter your pleasure,
Stay warm.  Our whole country is getting
a blast of cold, cold air that will 
frustrate some, please others.
Just do remember to bundle up if you 
' have to ' go out.  Don't let your nostrils freeze together, 
but do make the best of it.

Keep the little ones home from school
if their schools haven't closed.
Do not send them out where they can get 
frostbite in less than 10 minutes.

Keep on dreaming along with me....
of warm spring days.
Stay home and stay safe.

Blasted Anyway !!!


Dicky Bird said...

Today I woke to -17, I am lucky not to have reason to go to town today. Tomorrow, not so much...so, today, I plan to go thru my mail, bills, laundry, washing and marking some inventory to take to my booths this week. I have some over ripe bananas I plan to bake with as well. Have a good day.

jack69 said...

Okay, okay. I'm sorry I was fussing about pop-ups! (smile)
WOW! I guess you guys are getting blasted. Imma skeered of 'em minus numbers!!!!
But we love you guys. Hugs to you and Bro Bill!

Shug said...

Great goodness.....it's in the 30's here and we think this is cold. Not hardly compared to your place. Geez, I'm not sure what we would do with temps like that. for the past few days, we have been camped out on the sofa and chair, watching "Alaska, the Last of the Frontier" We were just taking about how difficult it would be to survive in minus degree temps. I love snow and the cold....but that is really cold where you are. Sending you warm hugs!!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness girl - that IS COLD! You sure do have good spirits about it and you know how to keep busy!

Cher' Shots said...

Brr.. You know Sis - how you start one project and it flows over into another project - yeah, started with taking the tree down ... and went all the way to unplugging a sink and cleaning under it a couple days later. Not that the two have anything to do with one another but winter is a time to catch up on organizing, cleaning closets etc.
'love & hugs from afar'

Dee said...

Still getting blasted where I live..we all will truly appreciate the warmth beauty of Spring this year. :)