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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Pumpkin Truck

Do you remember my ' wish '
for this sweet lil' truck?  mmm
we drove by where it had been,
and it ' was no more.,' SOLD,
but not to me.  It sure would have
made the perfect pumpkin wagon.,
but not mine this time, Booo Whoooo !

Until I find my own ' perfect pumpkin truck.....
our pumpkins will have to be 
satisfied on the faux hay wagon, 
an oldie with good bones and a new floor .
photos from last fall's harvest

This fall promises more and more and more.
Our first fall of sales was last yr. when we
sold well over 500 pumpkins.
You wouldn't believe the number of seeds
my guy plans to plant this year, oh my!!!


Weekend-Windup said...

Happy to see the old pumpkin truck!

Dicky Bird said...

That would have been a neat old truck - but, your wagon is just as nice and easier to uncover and see the pumpkins. Happy planting!

jack69 said...

It is a beautiful sight and would have made the perfect vehicle for advertising and sales. But of course it would only be a person satisfaction thing, because the pumpkins on the 'hay wagon' are enticing also.

So you and Bro Bill are gonna really raise the Pumpkin total this year?

COMING UP!Lots of happy folks for Fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween...

Kellie said...

You all sure grew some lovely pumpkins :)

Chatty Crone said...

I wish you could have gotten that truck - next time!

Shug said...

Oh how I do love that old truck....but I love that old wagon full of pumpkins as well....You sure have a sweet life! I would love to be able to grow pumpkins and do all that fun farm stuff....I love it!!!

Dee said...

That was a cool truck...I am hope one day you will have a pumpkin truck of your own...♥

www.farmhousestyleliving.blogspot.com said...

That would make a sweet pumpkin truck! My friend is a photographer and she uses a truck like that for some of her family shots. Uber cute! Look at all those pumpkins! I like the trailer. It gives it a homey feel.