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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

 I am finally getting some beautiful color at my feeders.
I was thrilled today to see a Baltimore Oriole so I quickly cut an orange in half for him to feed on.
The Goldfinch is still one of my favorites.  They love to sing and are so friendly.  Their Oriole cousins are more skittish. 
 Dare to get too close to the nest of a Barn Swallow and he will surely dive-bomb ya!  I've unknowingly been warned.
 The beautiful Mallard drake was keeping a sharp eye on me, 
wondering if I were a predator.  I wouldn't hurt a flea~well~ maybe~
 Even more gorgeous color at the feeders and on the ground, were several pair of Rose-breasted Grosbeak today.  
 We traveled a ways to this beauty of a barn to be greeted by~~~
 This White-faced Bull was NOT happy with us.
He definitely was agitated and his boss was not home
at the moment to calm him.  We waited....
 in hopes that he would settle down as he ran and snorted from one end of his penned area, into his sheltered end of the barn, out again and back to where we waited....

 Meanwhile, we unloaded the tractor and proceeded to get ready to open another gate, drive slowly into the yard where the treasures were while THE BEAST never took his eyes off of us.
Oh the chances we take just for ....
a load of BLACK GOLD !  What beautiful compost an animal can produce when left to ferment and cure for 8-9 yrs. as this has done.  It will sure satisfy the veggies it will supply nutrients to. 
 The risks a parent takes for his kid ~
but he sure will have healthy gardens and apple trees.
THE BEAST still raised my heart rate a notch or two.
Have you seen any Spring Beauties in your yard ?  They really are well named flowers.  And so plentiful, thanks to all the rain.
Have a sunny week !
Thanks for stopping !
I appreciate you and love your visits !
~~From here to there~~
God loves Us !


Susan said...

All of them are such pretty colourful birds. I especially love the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.
The Beast would've been a bit confronting in the flesh! Great by-product though... those vegies will literally jump out of the ground eventually :D)

Buttons said...

Oh you do have a lot of incredible colours.
Oh that Bull is a scary thing but that old manure is going to be liquid gold for your gardens for sure. Hug B

jack69 said...

WOW such color I love the Grosbeak, we don't have them down here. It is a beauty.
I imagine 2000lbs+ would make anyone a little skiddish!!

But fertilizer is fertilizer some worth the risk ...(Love that dump trailer) Love from here.. You all live an interesting life up in the north woods.

Love from down here where it is safe... (smile)

www.farmhousestyleliving.blogspot.com said...

Love all the birds you have. I think I need some bird feeders now! I can do without the bull though!

Shug said...

That's a pretty good size BEAST....I can only imagine how gorgeous your flowers will be with that rich manure as a fertilizer....