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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


In the ' dream world of Bill,' all goes as planned during a days work in the woods.  On this particular day, however, things didn't go so well.
 He was pulling a tree top out of the deeper snow when he heard a snap, a bang and then a hiss.  He looked back to see real trouble, something no tractor owner ever wants to see.
He headed straight home in hopes of making it to his shop before the tractor no longer would run at all.  He thought he had blown out the rear end of the tractor.....big, big $$$$$.
 After examining the damage, he realized what had happened was that the draw bar (the attachment on the back of the tractor that connects other pieces of equip. to), it's end had snapped under pulling pressure, causing the draw bar to slam against the tire and breaking the bead that holds the tire to the rim....resulting in~
 yet, another problem.  Inside of tractor tires, there is always some kind of weight that assists in pulling power performance.  Years past, tires had tubes in them that gets pumped with air.  Another weight consisted of a liquid that would not freeze, like calcium chloride, antifreeze or even windshield wash that was pumped within the tube.  There are several other liquids that have been used, including iron weights.  All of these weights are eventually damaging to the rim of the tires, making them useless.
The tire ballast (liquid weight ), they use where we service our tractor, is Rim Guard.  That's what you see pouring out of Bill's tractor tire above.  It's so safe from causing rust, corrosion, it even protects the tire and metal and it's biodegradable.  It's so safe that OSHA has approved it for use as a cattle feed.  WHY???, because of what it's made of.  It's a liquid by-product of beets, so what you see coming out of the tire is actually beet juice.  It's pretty sticky stuff but because of it's weight per gallon, it's ideal as a liquid ballast for tires.  

 Before we drove away from the implement yard, I couldn't help but to take a few snap-shots for my guy.  Is 'big' always better?
He kept eyeing this young lady!  But for now,
maybe just the cab for his little tractor would make him happy.  It sure would keep him warmer while pushing snow and pulling trees out of the woods.  We have burned a lot more firewood this year.
Bill's tire is back on his Lil' Blue and he's a happy man.  You can't imagine the marriage there.  He's on that tractor every day, it seems.  A man and his toy, makes me happy too.

Stay warm and a note to all of my tractor friends out there, don't blow a tire.  


Paula said...

That gooey stuff looks like the stuff John used to feed his cattle called molasses (sp?). He has big round tubs that have a wheel that turns down into the stuff and the cows learn to lick it as they turn the wheel. No one sell it here close now so the big tubs are just sitting at the ranch.

jack69 said...

WOW better the tire bead than a leg. I cannot imagine it hitting hard enough to break the bead. Bro. Bill is working Little Blue too hard..

Okay I have increased my education on the weight and anti-freeze quality of Beet Juice. But I bet for sure that is some sticky stuff, just about enough to stop a leak.

Anyway thanks for an informative entry and YEP that cab enclosure would be nice!!! But maybe too confining to a outdoorsy type..

Love from rainy Florida!!

Chatty Crone said...

Well seeing what you were talking about makes it clearer for a city girl to understand. Gosh you know so much there - I never ever knew all that! You are amazing. sandie

Dee said...

I actually enjoyed reading your post..even though i am a city girl....I think a cab enclosure would be great....is it one you can take off and put back on?