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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


If you were to click on the photo above, the snow really Is knee-deep on our 6'6" kid.  Yes, we are just in the thick of it around here.  We're doing our best to stay positive about our long winter.  How's this for positive~it's finally above zero and it feels great~! 
Here's another:  Even I am looking forward to picking potatoes...
I couldn't do that last year so it should be a thrill.  You might say I'm making ' peas ' (peace) with Ol' Man Winter~
after all, the extra moisture the ground is receiving should make for another productive spring into gardening, ya think?
We will see our lush lawns and growing gardens again,
I have no doubt, but for now, there are seed catalogs to scour through, favorite pumpkin seeds to put on hold, as well as a 
' must have ' apple tree we want to try.
A girl can plan ahead, can't she?

Until next time~
dream on!
and yell


Buttons said...

WOW it looks pretty much the same here. I am looking forward to seeing your potatoes too:) Hug B

Dicky Bird said...

Planning ahead and looking at seed catalogs are about the only way to "make it" through this winter!! I hope to have a good garden this year - with deer fence up early.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Seed catalogs do help a gal get through February.

jack69 said...

That must be one of the most positive posts of the year, someone knee deep in snow and seeing rows of green veggies growing.

Yep nice to have a great outlook, Just about necessary up in the north wood, methinks.

Love from down here, sorry, but we are sweating on Peace River.

Shug said...

I've never seen this much snow...Wow,you all are getting bombarded with the stuff.... One good thing is that at least you know when one season changes into the next. Here in East Texas...I'm not sure there are seasons!! Really...it can be in the upper 80's one day and in the 30's the next. This is why so many of us can't get rid of these coughs..
Hope you've got plenty of firewood! Be safe and keep bundled up..

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Too soon we will be saying, I am so tired of canning all this garden stuff. Just the circle of life isn't it! Keep warm.

Chatty Crone said...

I think it is the joy of thinking ahead sometimes that keeps us sane - to get through the now. I know sometimes it is for me.

The snow will melt. Although that is a heck of a lot of snow.


Paula said...

We've just got the cold and no moisture. Lots of pear burning going on for the cows to have something green to eat. Bet your garden will be great with all that moisture.

Dee said...

It looks like the sky dumped on you and your positive attitude about the benefits is nice to hear.