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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hanging Out & Hanging On

of the hot summer day 
when hanging out in the pool
will feel much better than shoveling snow.

We finally had a break in our cold spell,
experiencing temps. above zero, 20 degrees instead
of the bitterness and bite of minus-50 windchill.
It felt so good, I shoveled the steps off in my short 
sleeves this morning. 

We did get another 4-5 inches of snow during 
the night so my man was out plowing once more.
The piles are getting higher and higher, one has
completely covered a Bluebird house that rises a couple feet above the top of the fence.  It's getting deep as we hang on.

The ground was saturated when the first snows fell
in Oct. so I can only imagine how the creek will rapidly flow come spring.  For us, that will be about the end of May or early June.  I recall snow and ice on Murray Creek one spring that did not melt until mid-June.   This may well be another one of those springs to wager our bets.

Enjoy what sunshine you see.
I will continue to dream.
Until next time,
have a fun weekend.


Muffy's Marks said...

Lots of snow should bring up the water tables a bit. Stay warm

Paula said...

A fair day here today. Supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow and then another cold front coming in. Maybe we'll have less bugs this summer.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey girl I think I would be dreaming about fireplaces!!!!!!!! Brrr!

jack69 said...

Dreams are what life is made of. You have enough beauty, with warmth and-love in that house, to overshadow the cold.
But you get to do that ever year, and every year you have come out on top. It will be no different this go 'round.

Love to everyone I was watching Sy again today after his dad was showing how to put the frog to sleep. I bet he is grown now.

Love from here...

Joe said...

I promise I'm not going to complain when it hits 100 this summer. I'm going to sit in my shop, have a cold beer, and enjoy :). We may actually see 40 today after being in the teens most of the week.

Buttons said...

Now I am dreaming but it is only -1c here today almost shorts time:) Hug b

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You've had a lot more snow than us--cannot imagine how cabin fever must set in for you!

Stella Hammond said...

What a nice poem! You must be happier now, seeing as how the sun is already shining and the weather is warming up and gearing up for summer. I really agree, the past winter was really crazy. At least we have a great summer ahead of us now. Take care! I hope you do get to hang out in the pool soon. :D

Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools