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Friday, November 29, 2013

Use It or Loose It

Have you been feeling fenced in lately???  We have had snow on the ground for some time now,
just the beginning of our 6-7 months of winter here in northern WI.  It's exactly this kind of weather that makes me a bit crazy.  I have to find things to occupy my hands., keep me busy.  
enlarge photos by clicking on them.  ( Note to Bill:  I want this fence, by the way. )
It's months of gloomy weather that gets my blood flowing.
I get so I cannot sit still.  I need ' projects.'  So, outside I go, off to the woods, and into the workshop.  The woodstove is fired up to keep me warm while I work.  I have found that my hands don't work as efficiently and not as quickly as they used to.  The ' itis ' brothers visit my joints daily.
 The movement of squeezing bough clippers to cut branches of greens to do a bit of decorating has turned into a struggle, a chore, a pain rushing up my arm and involving every finger.
 The woods is full of Balsam, Pine, Cedar and Winterberries, just waiting to be transformed into beautiful wreaths, garland and swags.  Will the fire warm my hands enough to work?
 Maybe using a wire form to stuff full of branches~~~
no, I don't like that at all...
 or a pitiful excuse of a wreath that consists of boughs and berries wrapped around a twig wreath from the past.  Oh my, oh my, how sad looking.  Maybe some lights attached and hung on the door?
This poor little wreath definitely needs a haircut!
I definitely need to keep at it and come up with some acceptable outdoor decor for our doors, deck and barn.  The family will be here soon to celebrate an early Christmas together.
Since I was unable to deck the halls and trim the trees for a couple of years, I am so anxious to out-do myself this year,....
just for them.  
So, when I'm finished with all of my pent-up excitement over the true meaning of Christmas, I will show you my success and failure.
Until then~~~
Carry On and Share Your Excitement As Well
Always, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit.
I appreciate every second of your time.
for now,
As my Grandmother used to always remind me:
" Use it or loose it, but don't abuse it."
Until next time, I now turn into an ' elf,' with work to do.


diane b said...

You are going well at this task. I couldn't bare to work in such cold weather.

jack69 said...

BIZZY, BIZZY, BIZZY... You make an old retiree tired with all that pent up energy. As always you will produce handicraft fit for anyone's castle.
Yep, Christmas is just around the corner....
The best to you and Mr. Bill!!! And the rest if the gang....
Sherry & jack...
(Glad you have a warm place to play!)

Chatty Crone said...

I love that quote!!! It is so true. And I am so much like you - I would love to decorate for Christmas and make things. Sounds like you have a wonderful work area! I would love to have one. sandie

TexWisGirl said...

i could almost smell the fresh pine... ahhh...

and, yes, i understand your dread of a long winter! i remember those days - now i dread the hot, dry, horrendous summer!

Bonnie K said...

Oh that looks like fun. I tried today to put up some greens, but berries are scarce. Yours look great.

Darcie said...

I like that little wreath just as it is. :)

Love ya,

Cher' Shots said...

Oh Dar, how I remember the hours we put in making wreaths and roping garlands. I've been busy too. Another craft sale this weekend and then to finish sewing projects for Christmas. Most of my online shopping is done but next comes the wrapping etc. Enjoy!
'love & hugs from afar'

troutbirder said...

The "it is" brothers. I haven't heard that expression since my Uncle Walt passed on. Now I have come to know them quite intimately. In a word I know all about cold achy stiff hands.... even in July. :)

Leigh said...

Gosh, I could almost smell those fresh greens. Your place is going to be a visual delight for your Christmas guests.

Also, I want to invite you to come check out my blog for why I'm so excited! Plus, perhaps I can entice you to enter my book giveaway. :)

Dee said...

Your wreath looks great...all natural has a beauty of it's own. I am sure your guests will love your decorations. I can relate to the hand pain...especially when squeezing.

imac said...

I know the feeling, day by day we get a little older, I think you are right, keep the mind busy and its not so bad.