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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eye Candy Stroll

 While sitting on the deck with my morning coffee a few days back,  I was distracted when a crow circled overhead.
I watched to see where he'd land, and there, among the potatoes and the pumpkins sat a Bald Eagle. 
A deer had been hit on the highway and the scent of fresh meat drew them in for breakfast.  I had almost hoped that the deer had not been dragged to the edge of the field, just so I could watch the meat-eaters feast on the carcass.  It would have been an oppertune  time to set up a trail camera.  I may even had captured photos of bear, bobcat, coyote, wolves, the cougar and the eagles and crows.  
The crow had landed on this branch full of spruce cones, but I was not quick enough to get the perfect shot.
 A walk around the yard and my senses were filled with color.
The first was a last Colombine hiding under the leaves of a shrub.
 Around the corner of the house, a busy Cottontail was munching on his breakfast of clover leaves, as fast as he could nibble. 
 Reed Canarygrass sways next to the driveway~
 as well as the bells of the spiked flower of Ladybells. 
 The Black-capped Chickadees are so busy right now,
playing their part as ' seed savers.'  
 Young lads are measuring up to~
the length of a single Reed Canarygrass~~~~~~~~
and they are surprised to see they tower far above them.

 A forgotten and unknown pink rose was found between the white climbers...it was a sweetly scented surprise. 
 Before my walk around the yard had ended for the day,
a blue dragonfly settled on the garden hook ' just long enough '
to have it's photo taken....just for you.
Life IS as great as GOD.


eileeninmd said...

Wonderful collection of images. Cool sighting of the eagle and I love the cute bunny.

Joe said...

Wow!! Wish I could get a Bald Eagle to land in my garden. Would have been nice to get a trailcam on the deer carcass.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a surprise to find a wild rose!

Kay said...

How lucky you are to have photographed a bald eagle.

Chatty Crone said...

Dar I enjoyed the walk with you today - I love seeing the sites with you and how you explain what they are and what you are looking at. sandie

Paula said...

Nice little tour with you tonight. To your question in my blog--the turtles I feed are red stripe sliders or maybe just red sliders. There is another type that I try not to feed that stay small and have a long slimy neck. Just a few of those.

Dee said...

I would love to see a bald eagle that close up....wow. God and life is indeed good and I am so happy you shared some of your goodness with us.