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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Early to Rise to Beat the Heat

I'm an early riser, always have been and probably always will be, getting up by 5:30~6 in the morning.  Lately, it's been pretty hot already it's 85 at 8:20...I'm not complaining.  It beats the cold.  The sunrise was gorgeous~so gorgeous.
 a glance over and the peas are high and in full blossom.
 our garden mascot even looks hot but not discouraged by the high humidity we have been having...
On last nights walk, we noticed some deer damage to the potatoes.  Time to spray with the copper sulfate to keep their noses and nibblers away.  Animals do not like the smell of sulfur but it does not damage the plants in the right proportions.  We've also sprayed for the dreaded potato beetles with another organic solution~mighty, mighty expensive but it really does work great.
Mmm, come and get your rum slurry lil potato beetles.
 Last week the fennel, dill and caraway looked like the photo below one evening.
 The dew of the early morning puts a whole new light on the very same plants...it's pretty cool and what a difference a week's growth makes in this heat and humidity.
 The weather never keeps grandloves from having a blast.
Hmmmm, I should try that.
I love our evening walks around the gardens, especially to find bits of shade.  The difference in temperatures seem like at least 20 degrees. 
 Come again.  I'm sure I will find something more
to write about soon.  I feel lazy today, so~
That's all folks~

Life IS Good
God IS Great


~mel said...

Hi there! Am I the first one to comment? Love the beepbeeper:)

Michelle said...

I like that garden mascot!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay dear THIS is what life should be like - I am going to post a photo on my facebook with your name on it. Love your home. sandie

Dee said...

Your home is how i picture a summer home and day.

Cicero Sings said...

My, I didn't know deer would get into the potatoes! They have never touched mine here. I thought they didn't like potatoes as a result ... and garlic.

Cher' Shots said...

Tell Willie he's doing a great job on your garden while you recoup this year. Everything looks great! I too, love your mascot.
'love & hugs from afar'

Muffy's Marks said...

Your garden looks so healthy, you're going to be a busy lady in a few weeks!! Stay cool~~

jack69 said...

Love to drop by to get my dose of country, even if it is WAY UP NOrth country.
You guys can make me tired just looking. I am not now an early riser. I was for many years, but growing older and lazier fits my speed today.LOve from Utah!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yeah, it's best to get the work done by 10 right now!

Linda said...

Great photos. It has been extremely hot and humid in Montreal. Thank God we got a thunder shower late today and I am looking forward to cooler temperatures.