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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rest and Wait...

Who's that resting on the deck rail,
 basking in the summer heat?
The Mourning Doves are plentiful under the feeders this year,
and in the gardens, snipping bean tops and stealing seedlings.
 In fact, they have become so comfortable that 
they even sneak a few shut-eyes just outside the door.
 It doesn't seem to bother this teenager at all,
as I step out to take a few images of her. 
 Finally she feels more secure way up high
in the spruce tree, looking down.
 I wonder if she lost trust in me?~~~
 or the young buck and his sister, watching
traffic as they wait their turn to cross the road.
 On second thought, lets head back across the field
and wait...
This time of the year, the young and old does
are cautious, as they hide their spotted fawns
in the middle of the fields, at the woods edge, or under the 
rhubarb leaves in plain sight for all to see.
The mothers graze all day, but never straying
out of the sight or hearing distance of their babes.
We have yet to see this young doe's fawn or are 
there two this year?  She will NEVER lie them in the same place.  When they are plenty big enough
to run like the wind, she will show them off.  It is late for such a show, so we wonder~~~have her fawns met their demise at the hunger of the wolves or the bear?  They too, have young to feed....
Until then, we wait.

Spring has gone, summer is here as we continue to~


Sara S. said...

Love the dove pics Auntie Dar, I took some similar ones the other day of a youngster that was hatched right outside my front door. He was sitting on my patio trying to catch some shade from this blasted heat. I posted them on my blog: www.sarasnextchapterinlife.blogspot.com check me out!!!

I hope you are recovering fast from your surgery and I will see you in a couple weeks... Don Don and I are coming up for a visit!
Love ya and miss ya!

jack69 said...

Beautiful entry, pictures and narrative to match. We are being privileged here in Texas to thee the new fawns just dropped. They are getting frisky and running. I have never seen so many deer in my life.

The doves are so pretty and mixed with the tales of the deer, great post! ((HUGS)) from San Antonio today a hot town.

Dee said...

I love the doves..they are so sweet and the fawns...oh my...nothing more beautiful and gentle.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness Darla could it be possible the baby deer are gone already from some other animal? :(



Cher' Shots said...

I love mourning doves, and we have several to enjoy. They are so graceful.
'love & hugs from afar'

Cicero Sings said...

Ahhh ... the art of waiting ... one of the hardest things to do!

imac said...

Wait - - - Magic [post my friend