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Saturday, April 13, 2013


He wants IN...
 Six a.m. this morning and who's sitting at my door?...
I think Cottontail wants to come inside.
 The snow is still so high up to the bottom of the deck, 
that Mr. Cottontail hopped on top of the snowbank and right onto the deck.  He's done this before.  I've seen his tracks.
but now..........' how do I get off of here?,  he's wondering.'
As we patiently await spring greens,
we will  ' watch wabbits.'

A note on the maple syrup operation:
Mr. Dedication Bill was up and out of the house by
5 a.m. to restart the fire to continue cooking off
the syrup.  There is so much snow out there and wet and mud,
I must admit, I'm not missing the sap gathering time.
However, I don't mind being the ' driver.'

Have a great weekend, my friends.


Suz said...

oh goodness
go away snow!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, that poor baby!

Bonnie K said...

Great photos. Don't you wonder what the animals think. The deer are always looking in our windows. The turkeys get on our deck and peek in the glass door. We even have some flycatchers that sit on our upper porch and look in the windows upstairs. We call them our window peepers. I really enjoyed your photos.

Chatty Crone said...

Driving seems to be the better job this year! So did you let the bunny in? sandie

Jill said...

He's so cute! I think I would have tried to let him in.

E.C. said...

I do not blame the bunny for wanting. It looks like the inside of a snowball and the place is in your home.
Stay warm, take care and hopefully the Sun'll come out tomorrow and start melting that nasty old snow away. :)

Muffy's Marks said...

Oh, let him in. He's sick and tired of the cold and snow too. Even my grandkids told me they were tired of sledding, and wet socks. Must be a long winter!!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How much sap do you end up collecting?

Dee said...

Poor little rabbit...he needs Spring very soon.