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Friday, April 12, 2013

Enough Already :-/

Enough Already.  The entire state is suffering snow and ice once again.  You can see the many layers that have attempted to melt on the cabin deck, but ' again ' it is snowing, blowing, wet, miserable, depressing.
 I want to see my flowers where the snow is piled high.
They are under there somewhere.  And green grass would be nice.
 Stay ' tight,' apple buds, our winter is not over yet.
The guys are out in this unforgiving weather,
collecting maple sap from the trees,
under a tented sap cooking pan, boiling off
what syrup they can before nightfall.
Then they will shut the operation down for the night,
only to fire it up again in the morning.
By tomorrow evening, we should have another
batch of pure maple syrup ready to be jarred and sealed.

Maybe, just maybe, with all this extra snow, 
the grandsons will get to finish that snow tunnel,

Have a smiling weekend.
If I don't get completely snowed in,
I may just be back.



E.C. said...

mmm, I wonder, is this some kind of record length winter for your region? It sure is an awfully long snowy winter for you all.
If it were me and I had the obvious layers of snow piled up like that, I would be tempted to get a big container and try to preserve a portion with the layers in tact. (I still have my snowball from the snowstorm of '93 lol )
Sending you prayers for the sun to come out and warm you all up and melt the snow/ice all away. :)

Paula said...

I feel for you all. I'm sure I would have terrible cabin fever. Of course the hot and dry is miserable here in the summer so I don't know which is worse.

jack69 said...

Ahhh but the maple syrup smells and taste's good from here.
Hope you soon get your SPRING, and here I have been fussing about the heave POLLEN.
Oh well I had to gripe about something.
Hoping the snow melts soon and the green grass shows it's.... face!!!

(((HUGS))) from North Carolina...

Shug said...

Girl...it's so hard to believe the weather this year. I know you all are more than ready to see the white fluffy stuff go away. Our week has been crazy. My crepe myrtles were in leafed out and now they have all been bitten by the cold. 80 one day...40 and below the next??? Hope you get some Spring real soon.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh Darla - I can't believe it - you got more snow? I hope that doesn't hurt the maple syrup! sandie

TexWisGirl said...

yeah, that's a LOT of snow for after easter!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

At least the trees haven't budded out yet...but this winter seems neverending. Tough to keep smiling when we look outside.