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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

K & M

Learning something new, it's a satisfying thing.  K is learning how to do some of the basics of cross-stitch embroidery.  She is working on a gift for her Mom for Mother's Day, being instructed at her church youth class.  Once home and on her own, she got stuck, not being sure what came next so, of course, during my visit, I was more than happy to refresh her memory.  Secretly, I think she was just waiting on Grandma's help, rather than her parents...she really did well, completing half of her project in the week we were there.  Way to go Katie!
 Miss M has interest in paper crafts, and magnets.
For her birthday, Megan was surprised with a wall runway that has blowups of herself dancing.  To make the wall even more entertaining, it is not only a blackboard for her friends to sign, but a magnetic runway and dancers.  
To add to her birthday surprise, I made bags full of magnets with feathers and leatherlike fringe for her native girl, lace for her ballerina, dangling beads for earrings and lots of beading for her hip-hop gal, and flowers for  the flower-child down the edge of the runway.  The girls spent hours playing and play-acting with the bags full of magnets and drawing faces.
 of course, Grandma never leaves before helping whip up a batch of Cho. Chip Cookies for the kids.  This time, it was Grandma time with Megan while her older sister practiced her routine with friends for the upcoming talent show at school.
 I was distracted several times with this gorgeous craft room used by the entire family.  Jolene got the shelving ideas off of pinterest and Billy built all of them.  
 There is storage everywhere, shelves, bins, stack totes, and two working tables, a window bench (that still will get a cushion), a sewing center, scrapbook center....on and on....
 even a ladder shelf unit that holds the Game Night games, (which is every night in this home.)  I want this room.  Hmm, maybe with the sunroom???
 Like most of today's children, these kids are constantly busy with 
' activities.'  This day they had dance practices first, then home to try on the costumes they will be wearing for their upcoming recital.
We will not be able to attend, so we got a personal performance with the same music...but at the same time...it was awesome.
These kids are good!
 Katie is Miss Ballet and Megan is Miss Hip-Hop
So much exercise for one day and it was time to brush their teeth, lay out their clothes for the morning and say their prayers.

I know it's Tuesday already, but I'm still exhausted from last week.
I don't think I could handle one school day like the kids have anymore.
I'm not so young I think I is...
and no more boost in the best of me.

Have a great one, while I look forward to tomorrow.



jack69 said...

Ah, what a grandma you are. Oh yeah, this will be remembered all their lives. In a few years it will bring a smile, I love your stories and life. You're way too busy for this guy and gal. NOT TO MENTION THE TALENT!!!
This blog is always a treat.
Love reading and thinking of you and your wonderful family.
Hugs to my friend Bill!
((HUGS)) to you and anxious for you to dig in the dirt!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Adore the crafty side of your family!

Chatty Crone said...

Dar if you HAD too you would. Trust me. But it is a busy schedule. The girls are so cute. And I know they loved you there. And those chocolate chip cookies look good. And the girls in dance - when do they do homework? Sandie

Michelle said...

I have two busy kids and it can make you crazy! Those young ladies look very happy and well adjusted :)

A Primitive Homestead said...

Oh wonderful a treat for you spending time with your girls. Dream craft room. Blessings! Lara