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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Belated, A Bit of Trivia

When we left for a road trip a week ago, there was still plenty of snow on everything and everywhere.  When we returned, yes, another foot of it had fallen on top of what you see here.  Please do remind me to stay away until the grass is green.
Did you know that St. Patrick's Day is traditionally the first day of the year to plant your spring peas like Sugar Snaps?  I don't think we will be doing any of that today.~Those tasty eatable pods will have to wait 'At Least' another month or so around here.
 We had a most wonderful time with these two very silly and talented GrandLoves, Katie and Megan...and Buddy~
 Chloe, our 2nd oldest GrandLove, lives across the street and dropped in each night after her softball practice....even tho they have plenty of snow too, the strength training still goes on inside.  
 Bill and Bill Jr. kept busy framing walls, doorways, and boxing in venting and pipes.  It was one busy, noisy week for those boys.
I got to spend time with the girls and their mom, Jolene.  We shopped, we cooked and baked, we did crafts and went to dance practices, did I say we shopped.  

 Megan made a St. Patrick's Day Hat, her perfect version for her classroom celebration.  I love it. 
 and Katie wore a Shamrock in her hair.   I will show you more as the week evolves, and there is talent to be seen.  I love that these kids keep busy doing crafts, reading and playing with teddy bears and sliding outside.  Not once, did they turn on the television or play on any computers or I-Pads.  Makes Me Proud that they make their own fun.
 I hope your day was filled with GREEN things like cabbage with your corned beef, and shamrocks on your cake.  
Or did you eat RAINBOW jello with your pot of GOLD?

whatever you ate or however you celebrated, it was refreshing for me, to read that Saint Patrick, used the shamrock to illustrate the TRINITY.   He was a devoted missionary to the Irish people, the very ones who had held him captive as a youth.
 ( taken from my garden calendar and a bit of trivia for you buffs )

So it goes from my chair to yours

Have a fantastic week everyone.


Paula said...

Actually we had banana pudding and it wasn't even green but I like all your green stuff.

~mel said...

We had lasagna and strawberry shortcake for dessert ~ nothing green or Irish about our meal.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We went to a party and ate a bunch of green food!
Yeah, this weather gives new meaning to "snow peas." That basement project looks pretty awesome so far!

jack69 said...

What a great family entry. Those kids are going to remember Grandma for the rest of their lives. I too am proud when kids can find entertainment outside electronics. I still believe kids are kids, and when sorta pointed in that direction, can find fun.
The do look so happy, but who would not be at their favorite Grandmas house!
Love, I know you will be happy to see the GROUND!
It is about time for us snow birds to head north, but not that far NORTH!

jack69 said...

RAINBOW jello, I know they loved that!!!

Michelle said...

Looks like you had some really sweet girls to pass the time with!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I know that you had a GREAT time! Looked like a wonderful time with your grand kids. Okay I had corned beef and cabbage for St. Pat's day!! And you my dear have a lot of snow. sandie