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Monday, February 11, 2013

White on White on White

Yes, we got more of the white stuff gifted from the sky.
 It started to snow yesterday, and snow and snow and sideways blow~
 We woke to piles of it, covering every little branch~
 Boughing the branches to the ground with heavy, wet snow
That hours earlier had been rain drenched with much needed moisture.  This is never a good combination for travel.  
 The weight of the snow nearly crushed my Bridal Wreath shrub.  
When the snow finally melts, this resilient shrub will rise to the occasion.
You would never know that it had lay flat on the ground at one time this winter...my Bridal Wreath is 33 yrs. old this summer.
 Normally I would have taken a ride down the country roads just for pictures but the plows are busy clearing so much heavy snow and I  can take more photos later.
 This snowed crow was not happy with the wind dumping cold blankets on his shoulders every branch he landed on...but it was free entertainment for me, laughing and listening to him scold.
 Even the fences around the apples and the gardens were visibly covered.
 Icicles are forming as the day is warming and the winds are picking up, dumping snow down Bill's back as he pushes snow into huge piles with his Lil Blue tractor...sorry, Jack, no photo of my big boy on his big toy.
 We have had a fairly mild winter for our northern country and we really can use the moisture the snow is providing,
it is beautiful to look at and makes the world around us seem 
all clean again, but, I'm sure you all are just as ready as I, to see it all
play it's ' disappearing act.'
 My Hydrangea have also boughed under the pressure. 
 The Black Cherry branches seem to be drinking up in appreciation.

 The snowflakes were blowing directly out of the east rather than the usual west, and sideways rather than drifting straight downward, 
piling up rather quickly, sticking to everything in sight.
 so now, there is shoveling to do...lots and lots of
shoveling.  The blade of the tractor could barely move this heavy snowfall so ' lifting ' a scoop of snow with the snow shovel would be a real workout!!!
Not for the faint of heart.
Normally I would love to be out there shoveling.
I enjoy it and breathing the cold air but today, I appreciate being
' grounded.'
Instead, I will keep the coffee hot and cook a hot meal for the ones doing the manual labor today., my guys.

Stay where you are if it's warm air you are enjoying.
Be grateful there is not a shovel that fits your hand on a day like today.
Take photos of something other that so much ' white '...
Send them on, 
on to us northerners, as we wait for an early spring.
I thank you in advance.



TexWisGirl said...

i hope you keep power under all that snow!

Winderly-Winderly said...

Beautiful pictures Dar! I was lucky growing up to have my brothers and dad do the shovelling and later in the CA mountains, didn't mind it at all. There, it never stayed as long as you folks contend with. Here in Texas, when spring finally does make it's appearance, we will be awestruck with amazing wildflowers. Hopefully, that will not be far off, but I'm not sure the groundhog down here didn't see his shadow on the 2nd. I recall sunny skies ~

Muffy's Marks said...

Beautiful photos. I'm glad I'm not there to find a good fit for my hand!! Stay toasty in your kitchen, making wonderful goodies for those who are removing the snow!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Such a pretty blanket of white! We're getting more today, too!

jack69 said...

You know how to make the best of all situations. The pictures are post card good. Love them even if I don't get to see the tractor. (smile).
33yrs! you girls amaze me with times and dates. Just yesterday something popped up on the Screen saver Sherry says, "We got that back in 1962!" How do you guys know that stuff??

Anyway take care of yourself, and honestly I hear that there will be a SPRING! (sigh)
(((HUGS))) to you and all the ones out pushing the white stuff around....

Chatty Crone said...

Okay you were not kidding about the snow were you? I have to say it is gorgeous! So how are you feeling today? sandie

Cher' Shots said...

Hope you are feeling better! Same white on white here.
'love & hugs from afar'

Dee said...

How much more beautiful can this get....you captured it so well.

Dee said...
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Bonnie K said...

Great photos. It makes winter a little eaiser to bear when everything looks so clean and fluffy. I bet it was a nice quiet day. Thanks for sharing.