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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grumbles & Rambling On

a gift from our daughter-in-law and son
I'm not ungrateful, but it's been a miserable week.  Not only have we gotten the much needed snowfall, but then add a week of sick, sick, sick.  Do you have it in your area?  We have had nasty colds/flu go throughout the house.  Our throats are raw from coughing, our mild fevers have broken, but none of us have an appetite.  So, tell me this~how can one person eat nothing solid, only drink lemon water, hot tea and chicken broth for the past 3 days, and still put on a couple of lbs.~not fair!

 At least there is one thing I never tire of and that is the site out my kitchen window of my red barn standing proud in the white snow scene, but seriously, the snow can melt now.
Also, I can do without the rains, ice, then snow that pounds the windows in the early morn.
I hope you all are not having to deal with any of this...
shame on me, for the east coast has been beaten down with more than these few inches.  So far we only have about a foot of snow, but our snowbanks are piling up wherever the plow can push it.
For that, the GrandLoves are grateful.  The next visit will make snowforts and tunnels of fun.  Maybe, if the snow is right, a snowman.

On the warmer side, my sister, her hubby and their daughter drove to TX to see our youngest sister.  I'm sure they are enjoying some weather on a more pleasant side, even if it rains, at least they will be able to enjoy a reprieve from our 6 months of winter in the north.  I'm sure they are having a great time without us suffering the wrath of the flu and cold.  I am so happy they could make the trip and spend time with baby sister.  

This week can only get better.  The air is supposed to warm, the sun promises to shine on and off all week and the roads will be passable.
That's a good thing because, as miserable as we are, there are appointments to keep, hands to shake and babies to kiss...no, we are not politicians but the doctors sure do love to see us come.

and now, just because I can, I share out of a daily calendar:

A house without a garden is a house with no foundation at all, a house subject to all the hazards of life.  But a garden with no house is a garden with no soul.  Fernand Lequenne

Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready;
after that, build your house.  Proverbs 24:27 NIV

on the selfish note:
( I wonder, does that mean my sunroom will be built this spring? )

And with that, grow and prosper.
Have a grand week!


jack69 said...

It is a good read, but I can feel some misery, that is for sure. Hope all is weller soon and the caves and forts can be built. Love how Gruber is spelled out. NEAT.

Of course the sun room will be built, just as soon as the fields are tilled, the taters planted, the firewood cut, the gardens planted and the 101 things you folks do that just wears me out, I can see no problem at all.

(((HUGS))) and springy thoughts.

TexWisGirl said...

sorry about the illness! at LEAST it could at least give you a good 'diet' plan! :)

texas had a cool front move thru 40s-60s instead of 50-80s but still a nice break from the cold north.

Winderly-Winderly said...

Sure thing about the misery and there's been a lot of it going around. As for your long winters, the weatherman was explaining how much worse they are than most of the country because they ARE long. He showed one on a temperature graph that looked like huge smile stretching from October to April! THAT'S not something to snicker at.

As for Texas weather, we had some pretty bad thunderstorms come through last night with a "strong cold front" on the way for next weekend, but today the sun is trying to peak through. Temps. in the 60's though up and down. Glad to hear your sis and family made it down.

PS: we've got 'babies to kiss' here too. Suddenly there's 3 'in the oven'...though the fisrt just born last week. That's another story and mom and baby (in NICU) doing great!!

Chatty Crone said...

I hate to hear that you are all so sick - that is not a good thing. I hear that is going around everywhere. The reason you probably haven't lost weight - lol - is because you need to be cleaned form the inside out - lol - lemon juice should get rid the toxins in you! Get better quick.

The snow is so pretty - where you are - !!!!


Gail said...

May you be on the healing side of sick and the melting side of the snow.

Ian Holland said...

Trust me, you can get used to it, the snow, not the flu! Hope you get well soon!

Michelle said...

I do hope you feel better. I always hate being sick. Blah

Muffy's Marks said...

Here's to hoping you feel better soon! And I hope this is the year for your sunroom. We have one and live in it. The addition was the best thing we ever did!!

Paula said...

Wishing for you to get your sunroom soon and feel better too.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ugh. Feeling that cold here, too.
Only one more month of winter!

Dee said...

Sorry you and your family are sick. It has been a terrible year for illness all through out blog land and my own surrounding community. Your window view is indeed lovely....I think I gain weight just thinking of food. :(