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Thursday, February 28, 2013


click on photos to enlarge
So, how many Chickadees do You see?

 This photo was taken as I am standing eye level to the snowbank in our yard....I'm 5'3" tall, if that gives you an idea of how much snow that's piling up...this is the weekend the little boys and their Dad plan to dig a snow tunnel.
 As everything is either brown or white around us, the transparency of the icicles hanging from the soffits is rather pretty., if ice can be pretty.
 Click on the photos to get a closer look at the length of some of these icicles.  The longest one in front of the door is nearly 4 ft. long.
 The ice is piling up on the roof edges, adding a great deal of stress.  When we have a day above 32F degrees, it piles higher so Bill has to get on the roof, shovel what snow and ice has accumulated so we don't end up with roof damage.
 More double trouble, two stories high.
 The excess weight of the ice may be cool to look at but very dangerous to be under......
 when it all comes sliding down.  The force and weight could kill if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
The storage shed with the metal roof already has a curl starting.
Look out below!!!!

 The rainbow around the moon indicates more scattered snowshowers with rays of sunlight throughout the day.
Maybe it also means the days are starting to warm....fingers crossed~
 But, in the meantime, it makes for a spectacular show of
Midnight Ice.
Our patience will pay off in the end.  For now, we will continue to fill our remaining winter days with thoughts of our garden plans.  Mine are ambitious at the moment but once my muscles get involve, I will relax into planting my garden as,
per usual.

Stay warm if you're cold and
cool off if you're warm.  I can always send you 
snow and ice.
So~~~how many Chickadees did you see?


Suz said...

oh dear...what a winter you are having...but soon...hang on..spring will come...and a thaw
...I counted 3

Michelle said...

Those icicles are beautiful!

Bonnie K said...

I don't know how many you have, but I have about 50 hanging around. They are my only perk during this snowfilled time.

E.C. said...

It's like your world is covered in glass. Those are some dangerous beauties.
Icicles bring back such fun memories of childhood. Your photos are wonderful. :)

imac said...

Wonderful show of Ice, love it, not so much the snow tho,lol

Dee said...

I see three chickadee's. You definitely are having a Winter you will not soon forget. Although the snow is pretty it is dangerous. I have seen on the news roofs and walls that have caved in from snow weight. I hope your husband will be extra careful on the roof.

Dar said...

There are 6 chickadees., but you have to enlarge the picture to find the other 3...good luck.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - you have really really got a winter going on there. And those ice cycles - I bet they could kill you if one fell on you! Do you have your tunnel built? Sandie♥

Paula said...

Yes ice can be pretty. I've only encountered one looong ice cycle here in south Texas years ago and boy was I cold that night.