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Friday, September 21, 2012

Try Again, Sun

What a gray day.  The sun was ' trying to shine,' until, finally, 
 after many attempts to get more outdoor work done, 
           it decides to rain, hard, then a sprinkle, then hard.  And yes, briefly, the sun ' did ' shine.  I knew it would.  
I was mending jeans, hemming, taking in seams, down-sizing a few blouses when I heard the rains pounding the deck once again~~~I couldn't help but think what a comedian God is.  I actually laughed out loud.  We ' do ' need the moisture and I ' am ' glad it wasn't snow.
 All the while, Bill is trying to get the last load of dry wood in the basement...believe me, it will have to dry again, in the basement.  Oh, the pleasures of burning firewood to keep our butts warm all winter.  I'm not complaining, it's the warmest, most consistent heat and we do not mind working for it.  ( It ' is ' getting old tho, if you know what I mean...or is it just ' me ' getting old?)
 There is always a lot of ' scurrying ' going on around here each fall.  We are like little squirrels gathering nuts and mushrooms and bits of apples to keep them fed all winter, and leaves and straw to keep them warm in their burrows.   Only for us, it's putting up so much produce from our gardens and firewood from our woods.  We are fortunate to have the privilege, in spite of all the work.  I keep saying that I haven't done much this summer, but truth is, it's become so commonplace for me to stay busy, that I don't realize the extend of the tole it takes.

 I feel ' rushed ' this time of the year, as the leaves begin their transformation from green to gorgeous., rushed to get the jars filled, the freezer full, the breads baked.  But then, finally, at the end of late fall, finally I can rest for awhile.  That is until, it all starts all over again.  It keeps me grateful for what I have., what we have.
Life is good and God made it that way just for all of us.
I'll tuck a prayer in there for all of you, for rest.  ~Night~


Muffy's Marks said...

Good night to you too. You must sleep well at night, with all you accomplish during any given day!!! Happy first day of fall. Here's to waking up to NO snow!!!

Paula said...

I don't think John and I could hold up to all that work. Maybe if we lived where it is cooler we could. It's still hot here.

Ian said...

That trailer of wood brings back memories! we used to cut, haul and split 9 cords (yes, real cords) per year to heat 2500 ft sq of house. We did that for 9 years. The cutting and hauling etc was relaxing, and you are right, the heat can't be beat. I am tempted to put a burner in our house, but the age is creeping up, and natural gas is a lot easier. Good for you folks!

Fred Alton said...

What busy busy workers you and Bill are! From the few pieces of wood I've cut and split, I know that it's a lot of very hard work - but oh the joys of the wood-burning heater. I love the smell of clean wood burning whether in the camp-fire or in the house. The warm bottom is also a mighty motivator to have plenty of dry wood.

Yes, Dar, I marvel at the virtual reality of our friendship here in cyber-space! I'm so glad that Jack met you and your family and that we are also good friends.

Thanks for all your prayers for me. I'm doing much, much better these days altho I do need more stamina. Fingers and feet are still feeling some neuropathy - but I can tell a difference from a month ago.

God Bless you ALL.

Kay said...

Sure wish we would get some of your rain. We are in a drought here in SoCal.

Shug said...

This is interesting. I've never heard of placing firewood in the basement. for one thing, we do not have basements here in East Texas and rarely is there a need to use more than one cord of wood per season.
Bet I'd learn to store that wood if we had lots of snow and cold weather.

jack69 said...

Oh boy, I know Bill loves the dump trailer. I want one!!!
Yep God has a sense of humor. I like the statement, "If you want God to Smile, tell him YOUR plans!"
Oh I love the maple leaves, I love them when they first start to turn, in groups on the tree and then just before they fall!!!
Love from Notrh Carolina.

I want to be in Florida before time to rake, blow and gather leaves....

april said...

Beautiful vision of everything. I love this time of year and with your descriptions, I could smell all the smells and feel the changes. nice.

quiltmom said...

We don't get many red leaves in this part of the world- lots of glorious yellows and some orange and occasionally a purpley color on some hedges but not much red- There are very few maples here.
Love seeing them though.
Hope all are keeping well- warmest regards,

Cher' Shots said...

Wood heat, sure do miss it! Love the fall season. Beautiful here today.
'love & hugs from afar'