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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Everything is cold and frozen.  The frost has rested on the 'punkin.'  The field has been white in the morning...for the past few days.  The succulents have survived but are cold to touch.

 Even the Zinnias have lost their brilliance to the 
                         touch of frost on their petals.
           This is my last bouquet, sad but I just Had To cut them.

There is 'one' glimmer of hope for this cool fall...isn't there?
It must be the smell of Apple Pie and Pumpkin Spice.



Gail said...

Fall take your time in arriving please. Summer was too hot and dry to enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by.

I do dislike putting in those letters and numbers. Takes me two or three times. I just mark that I take no anon comments and no one has to do that.

Sunny said...

Oh yes I agree .... apple pie! as far as pumpkin spice, I like the new cappucino mix of that flavor. I get it here at an Amish bulk food store. Nice to get up with in the morning!
Get that fire goin' girl!

George said...

Oh Dar, Far too early for frost. We are supposed to hit upper 40's in a couple of nights. I have to admit that this cooler weather feels wonderful. But I am far behind where I would like my fall garden to be.

Dicky Bird said...

I LOVE fall - I hope we have a long Indian Summer....and then a Winter full of SNOW! Lots of SNOW - but, not freezing. Blessings from Ringle.

Suz said...

so.........sre you suggesting I pack warm clothes for Ellison bay the end of the month? :-0

TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the blast from wisconsin. i remember those early falls...

jack69 said...

Ah ha, the last line says a lot!!

But the picture of the bouquet will be with you thru the cold winta there. Oh, I forgot , I am in Pennsyulvania, here it is WINTER not WINTA!

Love you girl and the pictures and poetry to go with them.

From Hershey, where the streest used to be chocolate.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Just like that and it's all brown and crunchy outside, isn't it? Goodbye summertime.

Michelle said...

We are having fall temps, but no frost just yet.

Lucy said...

Pretty flowers. We have had a light frost here in Ne. a couple of weeks ago but not that heavy.