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Monday, August 20, 2012

More Storage

You remember the sawmill? and all the lumber we hauled home from two logs from one tree?  Well,  Bill has been busy ever since.  As I mentioned in the last entry, we made use of blown down trees  rather than letting nature rot them away.  
First, Bill made half a dozen rafters.  

 The same blowdown blew away our storage building we had on the slab where the new project was to take place.
 Wall one and two were up in no time.
 He is waiting for his son to arrive to help with the next one.
 Lift, lift~~~

 O.K. Stac, hold it right there while Dad secures the wall.
 Rafters in place, boards to nail roofing to...
 Awww. finally, one side  nearly finished.
 Thinking of the next move, and
 away he goes again, up and down, up and down, 
on and off that ladder and the scaffolding.  No wonder his legs hurt each night.  ( Good thing he loves bananas! )
 One side with new roofing, the other with re-purposed.  There is never room for waste.  If it can be used, he uses it.  The roof of the blown down building was single pitched, so the new building needed twice the metal.  So, since the old tin was perfectly fine, it was used on one side, the other, new.  Made sense to us.
 The siding is also of Hemlock lumber, first boards hung vertically, and then
 strips covering the seams.  It looks great and will look even better when it's sealed.
 Even in the fog of a 6 a.m. morning, Bill is out there determined to finish the gable ends before the forecast rain.  Yes, he finished before coming in for a coffee break or getting wet.
 There were a few holes that needed caulking from pulling nails out of the used tin, but everything is sealed up tight.  Not a drop of rain got through.
 Same building, taken in the late evening rather than day, but it's looking great.  He still plans to put a sliding door on his little storage shed which measures the size of the slab that was left behind from the prior building.  It's 12x25 and suits him just fine for some of his equipment...who knows what!  Maybe his little blue tractor, his fishing boat, or maybe the 
4-wheeler and trailer....I never know.
One thing is for certain, I am happy that he's happy.   Hmmm'
I wonder if he will finally start on that 32 yr. old Honey-Do List I gave him when he retired from his day job :)  Maybe if I do Not mention it again~~~

Thanks for stopping and do come again


TexWisGirl said...

that is awesome! so cool to have a handy hubby!

Cicero Sings said...

Green with envy - i sure could use such a shed here! Nce to have a fella that is a right handyman.

Muffy's Marks said...

What a handy guy. I love the 'green' way...waste not want not!! The shed is perfect. Maybe building is like sewing. I love to sew, but hate to patch. Starting new is more fun!!! That hunny-do might be put on the back burner for another new from scratch project.

jack69 said...

My kind of entry. What a great job, and I NEVER GET TO HELP YOU WITH A VOCABULARY WORD, BUT HERE IT IS, NOT A MAJOR THING, BUT THAT IS A TRUSS, BILL HAS BUILT NOT A RAFTER!!!! The truss is the combining of the ceiling joist and rafters. Just had to say that since I don't know one flower, tree or 'tater from another. hahahahahaha
What a great job though. I love the vertical siding, it is there forever. I love watching the progress and want to help lift the walls. That siding is what I call labor intensive, that is work.

Fantastic finished product, lot of builder in that man Bill.

Of course the Honey do list is NEXT!

Love from Bangor!!

Shug said...

How rewarding can this be? Geez...I think it would have to bring about a feeling of greatness. Not only did you make use of the fallen down tree, but through hard work and labor, a blessing was given..
I give this job two thumbs up!!

Dar said...

Re: Jack: I knew that~~~brain freeze
lololol I'll give ya this one. Ha!

Darcie said...

Hmmmm, How about a couple of run in sheds? ;) I love the siding. :) Although, the horses would probably eat it. ;)

imac said...

Great work, what I wanna know is - where do the bananas come in? lol.