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Friday, July 13, 2012

Play Day

What a gorgeous day for a day at the lake.
I have been feeling  'on the outs'  with my back, 
but walking in the water and playing carefully with the kids
seemed to have lifted some of the agony.
 I'm well aware of the care I need to take, but
let the good times roll.  We pulled into the campground early enough to catch the kids GrandLoves and the in-laws fixing breakfast, but
 the rest of the day was spent relaxing in the sun, reading, playing in the water, and taking a boat ride while spotting the GrandLoves while they showed us what they learned this week.
 Tubing looks like so much fun, 
I know my sis, Cher had given it a try, way back in our camping days at the lake.  LOL
I can still hear her yelling...faster, faster?
Wasn't that what you were saying Cher?
 Josh is turning out to be quite the water-skier...
it won't be long and he will be doing 360's, 
he's already 
 skiing on one ski, 
water slolam, he says.
He's strong and will try anything 
 then there is lil Ryele/RyeGirl.  
She tells her brother all the time that
anything he can do, she can do...
so she does.  She's just learning to ski and
 already is confident enough to let go for a wave.
What a kid.  While she and her girlfriends were doing gymnastics in the water, they wanted to know if I could stand on my head.
Well, no, but I can do the scissor splits...
Feeling pretty limber at the moment with all of the water walks throughout the day, I tried.  By golly, I could still do it, all the way down.  I sure would never try it without the buoyancy water provides.  I'm even more amazed that I feel pretty good today.
 Having had enough water  play for the day, Josh and I decided to wet a line and see if we could catch some fish for supper.
I wasn't  successful but he caught a nice bluegill.  He decided it was a good CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) specimen since  he and his sister had already caught enough for a fish fry for supper.   This was a special moment for the both of us as it was the first time we fished all by ourselves...we had a very nice visit.  He even put the worm on my hook for me and said, " Here, Grandma, let me cast it right where they're biting."  What a sweet lad. 
 It Was a great day.
We stayed well into the evening, enjoying a great sunset on our way home again.  The water did my back and leg wonders.
But what helped me as much throughout the day, 
were all of your kind words and prayers for a peaceful day, 
a little less pain-free...it's amazing, the power of thoughts and prayers.
Hugs to each and everyone of you.  Thank You.
Have a wonderful weekend. 
I think I will dance.


jack69 said...

Whoa, Scissor? Oh am I proud of thee! But the photo report and narrative of the day from breakfast to sunset was beautiful. Love the family stuff you guys have, it is wonderful and an example for the USA, if we would all listen.
You guys do great. Love to you all and thanks for such an entertaining read and show!!!

Michelle said...

Great shots and I admire the skiers! Something I cannot do!

Ian said...

Every body needs a day like that! The more, the merrier. I hope your back straightens out soon ( no pun intended)

Paula said...

That water looks like it would make anything on your body feel better.

Cicero Sings said...

Looks like SUCH a fun day. Glad you were feeling perky enough to try the scissors!!!! My goodness girl. Talk about Ryele keeping up. Sounds like a chip off the old block to me!

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Looks like great fun!