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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Northern Blizzard

Wow, it's nasty out there. The schools are closed, some of the major highways in our surrounding area are impassable or closed, snow, rain, ice and high winds are smothering us with blizzard conditions. At least it's warm out., but that can be a really bad thing making the snow nearly impossible to move, even with the aid of the tractor with a nice blade. The county graters and snowplows are the only vehicles on the roads. Even they are moving slowly.
My man got the Ram out this morning but called once he got to work saying it took him 20 minutes to drive there. We only live 5 minutes from the mill. By now there is usually a rush of vehicles heading to town to their jobs, but this morning, I have only seen 2 weather the storm. We are forecast for the ' Big One ' to hit today.
My hope now, is that the power will not go out. I don't expect that miracle with this wind and the amount of snow already bending the evergreens to the ground.

There is a truck under restoration in one stall of the garage, and the Ram gets the other. Bill's Lil Blue, his tractor, even is sitting out in the elements.
Today is plow day once again.
Now, Where's the car?
The entire country is feeling the effects of this storm in one way or another.
I pray you are all safe.
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jack69 said...

The first thing I thought was, Bill did not leave ole Blue out in the weather? I blew it up to see if he was in the driver's seat, huh, uh. Then I thought about the vehicle you guys pushed in the other day, I'da drug that sucker out and put my tractor in there.

Is that a little diesel? I am thinking it is but cnnot remember. Of course he has started it in worse conditions (temp wise).
Hope the power holds in there.

Just a few minutes ago I was looking at Si's pic doing the magic and thought of you guys. Hoping the storm is the last one!!!
Good luck on the power!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We didn't get more than an inch, but it came down REALLY hard and fast--bless you as you weather this out!

Jill said...

We got it too!!! It sure is beautiful! Stay safe, my friend.

Suz said...

oh lordie...I feel your pain...keep it up there.....come on spring
hang in there Dar....it's almost March

imac said...

Gee, if we had that much snow - the town would be at a standstill for a month

Boho Farm and Home said...

Miss those days when it would snow and school would be closed...memories.

Darla said...

Oh dear! I do hope all will be well with you all.

Clint Baker said...