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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Still Cold Outside

The weather was not much different this morning, still minus temps, -22F this morning. Not happy.
Since not much has changed yesterday to today,
I'm grumpy.

The major Harvey Wall-banger headache without the party, isn't doing much to add to the excitement of another day. Maybe I should bake a cake or make lemonade.

starting some seed sprouts like my buddy, George, would do the trick. He just joined me so check out what he's been up to. He sure makes spring look promising. Thanks, George, for brightening my day with that cold-frame of lettuces. I'll be right down, (in my dreams of the south, that is.)

The Bobcats are back. Now they are coming in already, by two in the afternoon.
The second we step out the door, they used to take off. Now, they don't move from their dinner until we take a few steps in their direction.
( Note to self: Keep a very close eye on the GrandLoves. )

It's much too cold for the GrandBoys to play outside today anyway.
I heard their Dad say they might take a drive to play with cousins.
Good idea. Right now, Daddy is reading to the youngest, and the oldest is watching a Disney movie with Grandpa, while I catch up here.

My sis Mel has been saying that all this cold weather is good for making ice. By that she means, the lakes, the flowage where the Suicide Awareness Fisheree will be next weekend, the rivers, all are freezing deeper and safer for the ice fishing that will be going on. Check it out at Mel's at Up North With Mel .

~~~Now, about that cake~~~
Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter Frosting?
Gingerbread with Whipped Cream?

to be continued~~~



jack69 said...

Fair warning. Keep 'em chocolate pictures offen here. Sherry sees 'em and starts looking for chocolate.
Sound Cccold to me lady. 13 below in Missouri is the coldest weather we have been in and that wasn't for any long periods.(but it was in a house trailer).
Thinking of you guys. Sending warm thoughts from the Sunshine state!
Sherry & Jack....Love!!

George said...

Dar, the cold frames are now under three inches of new snow, our first for the season. So I have to look at my pictures today rather than my greens. The gingerbread and whipped cream sounds like great comfort food to me.

Paula said...

Wow your cooking always sounds so good. Short sleeve tee shirt weather here today.

TexWisGirl said...

p.b. frosting, please! :) stay warm!

~mel said...

We will have ice on the flowage for sure with this cold weather :) The website is http://jpdwarrior.com that tells about the fisheree.

A Quiet Corner said...

Forget the cake...I'm headed to my freezer for leftover cookies!...:)JP

Fred Alton said...

Give me the dark chocolate with peanut butter frosting every time! There's just something about it that my palate really loves, especially on a cold day like you are having. When I think of the word cozy I think of such fare being eaten while sitting inside the nouse by a fireplace with my mate, a good book to read, and a blanket to pull up over the shoulders as I fall asleep.

Shug said...

Sounds like you all are pretty much indoors for right now. Baking or cooking would be the perfect thing to do to help keep your mind off of the cold cold weather you all are having.
What about those bobcats? Those things scare me!
Stay warm, stay safe.

Jean said...

You making me hungry I love chocolate cake. It has been in the high 70's here today much like a summer day. I like colder days just not as cold as it is where you live. Lol. I like to wear my winter clothes and not shorts.Lol. Take care and stay warm. Jean

Muffy's Marks said...

Those bobcats would make me nervous too. Especially when grands are around. Whatever you bake, I'm sure it will be delicious and make your house smell delicious. Have a great Sunday.

Muffy's Marks said...

Those bobcats would make me nervous too. Especially when grands are around. Whatever you bake, I'm sure it will be delicious and make your house smell delicious. Have a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I love peanut butter icing and chocolate cake. Whenever I read about the bobcats, it makes me shiver!