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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ready for Some Reds

I am so ready for Reds.
Red Apples I eat each day,
They say one will keep the doctor away.

One, I'll bet, you can't eat just one,
Of the juicy Red Strawberries you picked for your Hon.

Don't dare to forget an early veggie of spring,
The round orbs of Red Radish,
From the garden, a sweet thing~
A crispness to answer a craving, a wish.

So what are you so hungry for,
Something that's saying
May I have more, please~~~please, more.

Have a wonderful evening, no sorrow,
All will be back to normal come tomorrow.

Now, go satisfy your cravings! and


TexWisGirl said...

i had some red wine with dinner. :)

Chatty Crone said...

I love your reds - I had spaghetti sauce for dinner! sandie

Jill said...

I eat some really GREAT Californi frozen strawberries every night. :) This was cute!

jack69 said...

Hungry for? Always an apple. I love them from the time they are green until they are ripe. I do not like a soft mushy apple.

I have fallin love with the Empire Apple, but always love the delicious (green or red). I always loved mama's cooking apples (What ever they were)

The pictures and your poem are good. I like both and You did not show a thing that I do not like.

But I love salt with all but the strawberry. Probably not a good idea, but that is me.

Love ya.
Thanks for a great blog read and look-see.

Paula said...

I have started eatng cherries for the first time because I have arthiritius in my shoulder for the first time and I read they are good for that. Nice red entry!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful photos of your reds!

Darla said...

Looks very yummy!

Fred Alton said...

Beautiful post, Dar. There you go showing more creative genius by putting your thoughts into poetry. I love fresh fruit of any and all kinds. I'm with Jack on the salt for apples. I find it makes a tart apple sweeter.

Lucy said...

I will take all the radishes you have. Maybe one apple. I love your colorful blog and great description. I thought no one liked me cause they could not get to my blog. Glad you made it. Did away with the reply-delete and people found me again.

Anonymous said...

I like sliced apples dipped in peanut butter. I have the peanut butter, but I have no apples :-(

Murr Brewster said...

What I love is that there are still things you can't get all year long. It sweetens the craving. I live for pomegranate season, all two minutes of it.

imac said...

Is it Labour day? - lol.
Love your reds.

An Apple a day ------

Anonymous said...

I just love to eat radishes, I can go through a whole handful without a problem.