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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bob1 and Bob2

A few entries back, I showed you who was visiting the trail cam.
Well look closer.
We have two visitors, that we know of.
The first in line, I've come to call Camo.
You will see why in a bit.
These cats are not starving, by any means.
My B-I-L was surprised they come in so close during the day.
Take a close look at this next shot.
How many cats do you see?
There's Camo, waiting his turn. The larger of the two of them I've tagged him, Gimpy~~if you look closely, he's missing the end of his right back leg. It hasn't slowed him any, tho he does limp.
I am enjoying watching these animals, tho they make me a bit nervous up so close. It is a rare sight to see them in the wild, as they usually hunt rabbits, small rodents, etc., rarely deer, and at dusk or night and in the solitary. My Dad would call this a privilege so I will too.
Camo is wondering what all the racket is on the highway, not 200 yards away, as he keeps a sharp eye.
I appreciate how beautiful these Bobcats are. Just so they keep their distance, just far enough away.
There's Camo again, waiting his turn while his elder feasts on the frozen carcass.
The camera didn't catch it, but I watched from my kitchen window as these two sat on their haunches and swatted each other a few times.
Maybe next time, the camera will snap at that moment.
What a sight to witness. I am privileged, indeed.
~I wonder if they are mates that will show us their kits in the spring~

So it goes in the wilds out my kitchen window.



TexWisGirl said...

you ARE lucky to see these! as long as they're not taking chickens or small pets off your property, then may they stay around!

Suz said...

gee all I see out my window is squirrel
Love those kitties....I mean cats...so beautiful

Jill said...

Oh my gosh, Dar...I just can't tell you enough how much I LOVE seeing these. I love all cats and this is really a treat for me. Wonderful photos!

Thank you so MUCH for your sweet comments over on my blog. You are a dear!

imac said...

Beautiful captures - on the wild side.

islandwonder said...

Wow! Now that is a sight to see.

quiltmom said...

Hi Dar,
Happy New Year to you and yours. I have not seen live bob cats, never mind ones so close at hand. These are great photos..
We got a big dump of snow last night- that is what I get for saying something about not having much- oh well- we need some for moisture for the land.
It has cooled down considerably so I am glad to be indoors this weekend. It could be a long week at school with indoor recesses.

Fred Alton said...

Makes my blood warm and my heartbeat faster watching these cats up that close. My Oh My! As your Dad said, You are privileged. And as you say, Blessed. ☺

jack69 said...

Yes, what amazing shots. It is hard for us down here to fathum !TWO! Bob cats.
Once near Yuma AZ I saw a bobcat in the day time at the edge of the desert. The ranger said that is a rare thing to even sight one.

You are right these dudes are healthy, not missing many meals.

YOu done good. this is great.

Paula said...

Interesting! From my window today I saw lots of house cats. All of a sudden it seems they have more then multiplied.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful animals, but I would be nervous having them so close. Didn't you say the grandkids sled near there?

Chatty Crone said...

I love seeing them - at your expense - be careful. sandie

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful animals. We have them here where I live but you don't see them that often.
Thanks for sharing the pics.

Darla said...

Holy smokes! As cool as this is to see, it makes me at tad bit nervous..

Arkansas Patti said...

Amazing shots and how lucky to have them so close. I hate that one has part of his leg missing. Wonder if it was a trap?
I thought they were solitary hunters. Maybe they are siblings or mates.

Lucy said...

Interesting photos. To close for comfort tho for me. They are talking about making it legal to shoot the bobcats that have found their way to western, Ne. They hang around the farms waiting to find what animal they want to eat. They even have gone into peoples yards, so they are getting a little out of hand.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Two! Oh my!

George said...

Truly unbelievable shots. Beautiful work. They look like they could eat our foxes for breakfast! George