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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Did Ya Know?

Continued from earlier this same day, see last entry:

Noon:30 : on the road heading east/ northeast again

1, 1:30 : Still on the road, at least the weather has warmed but
splashing a lot of salt on the truck and windows...washer
fluid is greatly appreciated

1:50 : finally at destination one, the Bakery Outlet where we loaded
up on 8 loaves of Healthy Choice breads, those thin, thin
hamburger buns, a berry pie and a cho. chip cupcake all for
less than a buck a loaf..........we do like the Bakery Outlet
until next month

2:15 : destination two, we are 15 min. early for this very important
meeting with the SS office. Lots of questions were asked
and answered. Did ya know an X can collect on your SS?
Someone was not very happy@,@,@,@,@~~~~

3:30 : WALMART!!!~~~there is always walmart and all of it's aisles
full of whatever any average guy and gal could want or need~~
today, there were only a few things to stop for, Mom's light
bulbs, salt for the water softener, water repellent spray for
my boots, an outdoor light to exchange, for our outdoor lantern,
and a new snow shovel that fits My Man's hands just right!

4:00 : The Log Cabin for dinner...and am I hungry. Do you know
how much energy it takes answering questions about your life?
My Man got a couple answers wrong, like, when did we get
married and when was my birthday~~~I was not at all sur-
prised. He did, however, know when he wants to retire.

OOPS, got side-tracked at the expended energy part...
My Man downed his double Cheeseburger and Fries in no
time flat while I took my time with the best Broasted Chicken.

5:00 : Back on the road again to enjoy the prettiest red sunset, lots
of Willie's Roadhouse music and good conversation about
maybe retiring early.

6:30 : Home again, home again, jiggity-jig....to be greeted by two
rambunctious GrandLoves asking, " What took so long?"

Enough about our exhausting day, tho we did not accomplish much actual work........well, My Man worked from 5-Noon while I tried to catch a few winks. Sleep will be wonderful tonight. I'm not so wound up like a top anymore, and feel like a good night is going to be all mine.

That's it, there is no more. My pillow is calling~~~~~~and it isn't even 9 p.m. when I'm used to staying wired until at least 11 p.m. Crazy me.

Have a great night and Friday. I will be spending the morning ' at the farm ' with Mom.......we have a puzzle to complete.......

( Boy, do I need to get a life. )



Paula said...

Yes I did know you can collect SS on a former spouse not that I have one but John does. Three in fact. lol I think you have to have been married to the ex for ten years or longer.

TexWisGirl said...

enjoy your time with your mom! my sis and i (with our dad and sometimes our mom) used to fix picture puzzles in Wis winters! :)

Jill said...

I hope you rested well last night. Enjoy your time with your Mom!

Dar said...

Best sleep in a long while...
I sure needed it!
Off to the farm I go to work on the on-going winter puzzle...
the scene of pheasants on the edge of a pond by the farm buildings

jack69 said...

Hey this was a fun read. Love it. Now from a man's point of view, dates get a little hazy. That is why I have Sherry, YOU GIRLS KNOW DEM DATES (thank goodness, lol)

I know you want read this until after the day with Mom, but give her our love. I love to see her smiling face on our screen saver. She is sure a KEEPER.

Love to Bill and the grandloves and you guys will handle retirement very well, me thinks. (some don't)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those big errand days leave me exhausted, too.

Fred Alton said...

My oh My, Dar! What an exhausting day you and Bill had. Sounds like you got lots accomplished - especially at the bakery outlet! ☻ Frances and my daughters have been working on puzzles in the waiting room at the cancer center. Keeps 'em occupied. Glad you rested good and hope you have had a wonderful day with your Mom today.