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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Midnight- still not asleep
restless feet, neck is a mess ( maybe I should
have agreed to have surgery, nights like this make
me wonder if the risk is worth it.)

One------ roll over again and again and again

Two...... up with slam-dunk headache
two Aleve and back to bed
trying Not to wake My Man
who works way too hard

Three~~~~ I must have fallen fast asleep zzzz fast asleep

!!!!!!!!! I'm awake dear, please fire up for me.
Made coffee, a half sandwich, a couple pieces of
fruit for My Man's mid-morning snack

Five..... Coffee with My Man and reassuring him
all was ready for this afternoon
Cleaned up the kitchen and started the dishwasher

Five: Back to bed, ( I never go back to bed )

Six______ I heard an alarm go off

Seven[ ] Still must be asleep ( I never sleep past 5 )

Eight**** Up in a start, as in, quickly, wide awake.
Wow, I feel refreshed ( what a treat )
Fired the woodstove, tho it was full. Son must
have filled it before going to work
Took a l o n g shower that seemed to help
Made a 2-egg omelet with baby ports, onion, bacon,
cheese topped with sour cream, picante and hot
sauce.....coffee was 'hot' ( I multi-task so much
that my coffee is usually cold by time I drink it )

Nine~~~~~ My Time...blogging for an hour whenever I can. It is rare also, these days.

Ten------ Time to finish paying the bills, doing household
duties such as laundry, empty dishwasher, file the
past months business and get ready for 'tax-time'

Eleven~~~ I will actually be vain and watch Y&R with hot
coffee, knit while I watch and straighten my hair

Noon>>>>>>> My Man will be home in five and we will hit the
road again.

To be cont. >



Suz said...

oh sister, you need to come with me for the day...goof off...eat lunch made by someone else....get a pedicure...giggle
If your son filled the stove with wood for you...bless him
My neighbor had surgery on her neck..c something up high...through the front of her neck..she was up and around in a week..little scar...glad she did it....pain was the motivator
..did I spell that right?

Jill said...

Bless your heart, Dar! I pray you get good sleep tonight!

Paula said...

So sorry you're in pain. Me too, pain in my shoulder and arm and up into my neck. I just read on the internet cherries are good for artharitis so of course I had John to buy me some when he went out.

jack69 said...

Hey pretty lady, sorry you are in pain and cannot sleep. 'No sleep' is one of the most miserable feelings.

But you will do, that is for sure. You will do or make it do.

Okay, the two egg omelet has me drooling. Messing up my key board. Love to you and Bill
We got our weather back that the grinch stole. nice

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you had a restless night. I hope the next night was a better one for you.

Fred Alton said...

Sorry, Dar, for your restless and painful night. Pray that you are back to better by now. Bless YOUR heart!