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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It is ' bitter ' outside this morning.
Chi-Chi-Chilly barely describes.
We woke to minus 11~~~teeth chattering
Fire needed stoking to kindle the flame.
Even Mr. Snowman from last winter returned
At the end of the drive.,
All snow-covered and shivering,
Wondering where his coat went.
I hope all of you northerners who know this feeling,
Are tucked under a blanket of quilts, comforters,
Mittens and scarves.

For the more fortunate, to know the warmth of the sun,
Be so kind as to send enough rays of your good luck
To melt our misery.

Stay warm up north,
Enjoy your sunshine down south.

The sunshine be ' my ' quest.,
To warm my freezing toes
Baby, it's cold outside,
Cap on, scarf tight, cover your nose.

Nostrils stick together in this horrid stuff.
Stay inside if ya know what's good for ya!!!,
As dear husband says.
Sometimes I listen.
Today will be the day.



Jill said...

Beautiful pictures! We don't have much snow at all but the North Winds howl and it is COLD!

Stay in and stay warm!

jack69 said...

It is beautiful. I am showing Sherry since she hasn't go there yet. She says, "I guess they don't use Wal-Mart bags over their shoes like we did in detroit last year, they have boots." hahahahaha

Yep us southern folk don't understand that cold weather. But then tonight here is supposed to be 23 which must mean it is REAL cold North of us.

Ahh but Bill will love that girl snuggling up close to him! He will smile inside, he ain't kidding no body!

But he is right Imma guessing, Stay inside..

Love from down here, At least we know in a couple days it will be 70 again.

Shug said...

Not too bad here. I really do not even have on a jacket. Long sleeve and a scarf is enough. Sending you all some of these warm rays. Hope they warm you real soon. And here is a big warm hug to go with em'
Stay in...stay warm and be safe

Chatty Crone said...

I love snow when it is at someone else's house and it is beautiful - let it snow! sandie

Paula said...

Wow so perfect, not even a track to mar the beauty. You must have gone around the trees to take the picture.

Anonymous said...

The snow is beautiful, when inside looking at it. Both of your photographs are beautiful, especially the first one. We have about a foot of snow on the ground, with temperatures in the single digits. I have to go out today; waiting for it to warm up a bit. I smiled when I saw your words "baby it's cold outside". We say that to our indoor kitty, as she is looking out the window.

Ruta said...

Baby it's cold outside! I didn't want to get out of bed...I was so warm and toasty. Great pictures! We didn't get much snow yet...just bitter cold!

www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

Too much fun!!! Wish we could do that here in Texas!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Goodness Gracious, Dar... I've been complaining about our temperatures in the TEENS here... You would call temps in the teens a HEAT WAVE, wouldn't you???? ha

Looks like you and your family had a wonderful holiday season. I'd love to have some of that snow down here!!!!!


George said...

I thought it was cold here, but at least we're above zero. We don't have enough snow to make a snowman, although Betsy does want more snow. Your first picture is a perfect winter scene.

Remington said...

Love the snow....sorry it's so cold for you. Our Minnesota winter is really strange this year. It's suppose to be 45 degrees tomorrow -- I WANT SNOW! Ours will all go away! We got the weather stick at our local bird food store. You can get them on Amazon. They are fun!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Just plain cold but hardly ANY snow here. SOB.

imac said...

What a wonder of a post and pics my friend.

~mel said...

It was a bit warmer today - into the 20's. I hope our cold front moves out by the end of the month and we have some sunny weather for the fisheree. So? Are you going to be a worker this year?? Or pie baker?? Or can I hit you up for a donation of a knit scarf & hat???? or socks?? or or or or????

Fred Alton said...

Pheeewww. That's co-co-CocaCola COLD! Stay inside is right. On days like this, I'm sure glad we live down here in the south.