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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

' Back Then '

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The times sure have changed even within the past few years, but look at this.
I sure would love to return to 1967 to go grocery shopping. The grocery stores in this old news ad were a couple of the local, family-owned groceries within 10 miles, thus a bit more pricey than the chain store prices. None the less, I STILL would love to shop those prices once again. ( I just paid $2.49# for a pork roast last week...on sale.)
This piece of tin has been turned with the blank side facing the pot-bellied stove for years, to deflect heat from a too-close-to-the-stove-end of the countertop in the cabin.

The tin sheet is how they apparently made newsprint before transferring it to paper back then. ( note to self: research this procedure )
Today, everything is computerized. The old phrase, ' back then ' is aging me, as a picture of me is on this sheet.
' Back Then ' was 1968, the year I was wrangled into running for Homecoming Queen. Thank God, my classmate and dear friend, Carol took the stage. I quickly realized I hated this kind of attention. I remember Ruthie in the back row with me was as grateful as I was for the lack of class votes. What was I thinking? I still remember celebrating on the bus ride home that night. I found out that I did not want or need this kind of fame.
One thing I did not regret, was getting involved in the folk singing group. We were called the Lincoln Singers, after the Lincoln High School we attended together. It was a fun time.

I felt fortunate to be a part of any extra-curricular activity ' back then.' I lived way out in the country with a houseful of siblings and we were lucky to be allowed to participate in anything that meant an extra trip to town to pick up busy kids. It was way different then, than it is now, where kids are involved in everything offered. The money wasn't there for extras and the privilege was earned.
So, I felt pretty good when the folks said I could ' sing.'
I've been taken ' Back Then,' when I was given this newspaper clipping today. It reminded me to take another look at the tin sheet of yester-years.

Where you in any ' extras ' in high school?
I'd love to ' read all about it.'

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Muffy's Marks said...

I too lived in the country. My neighbors and high school chums encouraged me to go out for cheerleading. I did not, and don't regret it. Was in band though, and Spanish and library club. I think those activities began after I got my driver's license, and could cart myself around. Thanks for jogging my memory to back then!!

Muffy's Marks said...
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jack69 said...

Love the entry. I respect anyone who could go thru 12 yrs of school much less the extras. The only extra I was partial to, was chasing Sherry, and skipping school to do it when necessry.

A lot of sweet memories lady, I am glad you have them.
It makes for a great read.
Love from down here,
Sherry & Jack

Jill said...

I sure like the old tins. You're lucky to have them.

I was in a lot of extras. I enjoyed it all so much! And to think it was all FREE back in my day. ;)

Fred Alton said...

What fun to go back in time this way! I'll go back a bit further to our first year as a married couple (1957) and Hamburger meat was .19cents per lb. I remember us going through the store and adding the prices up as we went to make sure we did not go over $10 as that was our limit for the week. Gas was 24.9. We often took the streetcar (public transport) because you could go anywhere in town for .07 cents.

Well...I was in a reading contest when in the sixth grade and won for the county. Participants came from grades 6-9. I was also in a choral group that sang at county level. The song went something like - "It Isn't Raining Rain You Know, It's Raining Violets." I was a member of a club known then as "Pioneers For Christ". We went to the county seat and had a "street corner church service". I was scared to death at first...but got used to it. ☺

www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

Ahhh...the memories are so precious! So fulfilling!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---times have changed!!! The price of food is unbelievable now... We have noticed a huge jump just this year... Drives me crazy!!!

Cher' Shots said...

Great finds! Did they come from across the road? I recognized everyone in the group except for Joanie. I was in Art Club and I helped teach Jr. High Art Club. I did a little track but they must have thought my legs were too short! Go figure! But I didn't mind because I had a waitress job and as you know I loved spending my free times riding the horses.
'love & hugs from afar Sis'

Mike said...

'membering back even further, when I was a teen, gas was $0.24 a gallon and boy, did we ever use it up driving the streets.
My graduating class in high school had 39 students. I don't recall the school having any type of extra-activities. We had a softball team, once. Farm boys had no time for such silliness. ;)

Suz said...

what fun

~mel said...

So... what happened ~ people didn't throw enough coinage in the guitar case on the corner? Because I don't remember you going to Europe singing. I do remember Slim making a European tour with the Wisconsin Choral in 1975. Singing ~ yes... our family sure did a LOT of that ~ at home, in church and school. That is pretty cool having those tins ~ I think I'd frame them:)

imac said...

Go back even further, and it gets cheaper lol.BUT dont forget the pay packets were a lot less.

Darcie said...

LMBO! Mom, 1997 and I was already out of highschool for 8 years, If you were just running for the homecoming queen, I'm a doggone miracle or you are. Ageless as always. ;) Love you!

wholesale boston said...

I'd love to go back in time with all the money I have today. Surely I can buy many stuff.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You were a folk singer!? That is so cool! Do you still sing now?

JDS said...

Great post. I have always enjoyed looking at newspaper clippings, magazines, etc. from prior years. As far as "extra" high school activities are concerned, what you did in the country during the 1960's far outweighs anything I did in the city during the 1980's!

quiltmom said...

I was in two plays in high school as part of a drama class. One of them was a Member of the Wedding and the other was HMS Pinafore. It was alot of fun.
I also was involved in a student exchange with a twin city in Quebec. That was a fabulous experience for me. It was the first time I travelled to Eastern Canada. I stayed with a large French speaking family and had a great time.
I was a late bloomer and had the most fun in school as a high school and college/ university student. It is a long time ago now.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Buttons said...

How cool a folk band. Way to go.
I love looking back to memories and you sure have some good ones.
I was in sports in High School no musical talent here.
The price of food is hard to believe no isn't it.
Have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. B