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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where? Where?

Have you ever been a victim of illusion?
Sometimes while just driving along on the country roads, side roads, your county roads, logging roads, abandoned railroads, oh, it's endless where you can go with the right vehicle. Anyway, sometimes, you are fortunate to see wildlife.

Well, I hate it when someone will say, " Did you see that deer?," and you did not? It happens to me all the time. I have quite an eye for the wilds, but when my eyes just don't ' get it ' or badly deceive me, it gets frustrating.

This first deer was an easy-see.
But, some of the upcoming ones, were a bit tougher. Keep in mind, that looking through the camera lens catches them by movement or full lens.
Once you zoom in, Unless you have already got him in sight, it can get tricky. Only after taking the shot and viewing the picture, do you see the flash in their eyes ~ sometime.
Enjoy the ride. I won't hold it against you if you click on the pictures to enlarge them, simply for location, of course. Some are dead give-aways. YOU have the advantage here.
I'm looking at you.
How many deer do You see?
Here's one of those give-away easy sightings.
Now that you have a trained eye, this fawn should be a give-in.
I come from a long, long line of outdoor sportsmen and women. Though I no longer hunt wild game, there is one thing my parents taught me that I have never forgotten. They said that the easiest way to see deer, etc. in heavy brush or way off in the distance, was to look for a horizontal shape. Unless it's a log or half-fallen tree, it looks out of place in the woods. It made sense, and besides, it works.

So, the next time someone says, look at that deer, it's right there, or that turkey or partridge, you will spot it much easier. Anything that matches the terrain is hard to spot, no matter what, but folks will be amazed as to how good you are at spotting a feast for the eyes. Once it moves, you no longer will get the credit due you for being the first to see the wildlife .

Take a ride. The deer are moving with the weather, the rut, the need to fill their hunger. There are still bear who have not hibernated and elk roaming about if you live far enough north. (Game farms don't count.)

Enjoy the ride. " Keep your eyes peeled.," as my Daddy would say, and have a great time. Be the first! Drive with care and ~



Paula said...

Love those deer. I used to go hunting with my deceased husband Mel at his Grandmother's place. Now that place is in San Antonio with businesses and housing developments. He hunted with a deer rifle and I hunted with my eyes.

Jill said...

This was a lot of fun!

imac said...

I know just what you say - my friend, I see nothing - everyone else does.

Great captures.

Rebecca said...

Kind of like Where's Waldo?!

Chatty Crone said...

Guess I am not trained so well - although I like looking better then shooting unless it is with a camera!

jack69 said...

As a young fellow I went hunting with Kenneth Conrad in Missouri. Toward the end of the hunt he said, don't move. He hand signaled his bird to go home and off she went. When she was out of sight he turned,fired and got a big rabbit for supper. He skinned the rabbit in about 3 seconds.
You didn't see him? NO!
I sent the dog home because I don't want her hunting rabbits.
I learned alot from Kenneth, he opened my eyes, Farmers can do that.
Good pics and narrative. Thanks for the show.
Sherry & Jack in Florida where it is a chilly 68.

Joe said...

I was taught to look for the horizontal shape long ago also. But it still amazes me how well animals can blend into thier surroundings.

Fred Alton said...

Thanks for the eye-candy! Loved these shots of deer in their natural habitat.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I have the eye--my kids are developing it still.

Lucy said...

Thanks for the trip. We are having a lot of deer darting out in front of cars. They had to erect a different type fence in one area of the interstate, it got so bad.

JDS said...

What a wonderful post. Some of the deer are so well camouflaged, it makes you think how many things most people miss because they don't take the time to look, or because they just don't know how to look. Thank you for sharing the "look for horizontal" tip - it makes so much sense but I've never thought of that before!

Shug said...

I don't hunt but my husband and grandsons do....But...guess who sees the deer? ME! I spot them way before they do...Guess I better get me a bow!

Buttons said...

Good tip Dar I am always watching for deer. It is hunting season here so most are hiding in their underground condos, trying to hide from the hunters :) They are lovely to see. B