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Monday, May 23, 2011

Power's Out Again

Though we have had our share of power outages already, this spring, my prayers go out to all of the tornado victims throughout our country, our state of WI included.
Early in the evening, it was already dark out. So dark, we almost had to call our ' game ' due to darkness, until we lit the oil lamp to finish a game of Golf. Dang, foiled again! Since the guys were up a game a piece on me, they decided to call it a night. Chickens! Be afraid, fellas, be very afraid. LOL
Finally, around 7, the sun came out, still raining, and a gorgeous double rainbow appears. Click on the picture for a closer look-see across our lush green field.
Behind the load of firewood and behind the apple branches on the patio table in the next picture, you can see a slab of concrete where the boat shelter used to stand. Last week's storm took it down along with some roofing on the barn and a few dozen trees on our cabin property. We were lucky, compared to so many others throughout the country.

Besides delivering firewood to Glidden in the middle of yesterdays storm, getting pelted with hail and hard rain, our weekend was not all bad.

We had a great time at a surprise birthday party for one of Bill's co-workers and
we did manage to plant a few flower pots, clean up more lumber, nails and tin from the downed shed, made more firewood, all in-between inclement weather.

Here's praying for you if you were amongst the worse hit by the wrath of Ma Nature. She is trying to tell us something, ya think?

Have a great week everyone. The USA is going to have rains nearly everywhere sometime throughout the week except for the far south and southwest. If any of you are from those areas, the rest of us will gladly share our ' soakings.'



Darla said...

I'm glad you are safe Dar. We would be the ones without rain...sigh...maybe by Friday.

Kathy said...

Glad you are safe! Has this been one crazy, nutso SPRING?! Geez, I thought winter was bad. The weather is crazy-tunes. Loved that rainbow picture - btw. Cheers, Kathy

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad you are all right. What I am seeing on the news is horrific. Those poor souls in Joplin.
Nutso about describes it. Phew.

texwisgirl said...

i feel bad hoping for rain when so many others are flooding (or worse!)

Cher' Shots said...

The rainbows are beautiful, and we've been blessed with the lush green that we longed for earlier. Yes, our prayers go out for the weather victims.
'love & hugs from afar'

imac said...

Yup, so glad all seems well with you all, I havent any cash but I will play for matchsticks,lol.
Grand shots Dar.

Lucy said...

So glad you are safe. Missouri looks awful. Joplin looks horrible. I have never been through one and hope not to.

Fred Alton said...

WOW! What a fantastic double rainbow! To me it serves as a reminder that God is in charge and that he will always keep his promises. Sorry that you lost the shed. We had some storm here but personally only sufferred loss of power for four hours. Praying for all those who have endured that tornado in Joplin.

Farmchick said...

A gorgeous double rainbow! Glad you guys are safe.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Our electricity went out this morning also... So much hassle resetting all of those digital clocks, etc. BUT--as you said, we shouldn't complain. I am praying for those in Missouri and other places who have lost everything. So SAD!

We have had some pop-up storms the past couple of days--but nothing severe here. We went to the Smokies today and had a great time.

danielle_cleveland said...

Hi Darla! I am leaving a comment on here so we can connect! love ya!

Suz said...

you always sound so happy
yes, it is raining and raining all day
big storms...but we are lucky ...
wish I knew someone in Joplin to help
'cause it looks like they need all the help they can get....