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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From Awww to EeeeGads

There is so much excitement in the spring air. I am one who cannot wait to see the Whitetail Fawns when their mothers first bring them out into the open. I'm still waiting.

The first two pictures are from about 14-15 years ago, as the boys are now 21 and 28, but the excitement remains the same. Just a few days ago, a doe dropped (gave birth) to a fawn or maybe it's twins, at the woods edge. She is staying close around the barn and the lawn, keeping a watchful eye on her babies. She looks like only a yearling herself, but very attentive to her job as a new mother.
I'm anxious for her to bring her fawn or fawns out for the first time. This tiny fella is supposed to be hidden under the Rhubarb leaves. Since we were on an annual MN. fishing trip, we did not get to see this so close up as the boys and their Grandmother. The boys couldn't wait to tell us all about the fawn they were priveleged to kneel next to, but were told ' not to touch.' If a baby animal or bird is touched by human hands in the wild, there is the unfortunate 'chance' that the mother will abandon it. Andy and Sam have been in the 'wild' all their lives and respect the temptation, thanks to their nature education from Grandpa & Grandma O and the rest of their elders.
Seeing these pictures again, makes me anxious to see if we have twins again. The deer and their off-spring always return to their birthplace to start their own family, so we have had the pleasure and honor of seeing many generations play in our field and lawn. I still have a trail camera out so I'm also hoping to get some unique natural pictures.

On another more disturbing note., look what was crawling up the bathroom wall!
picture from the internet

We had a Pseudoscorpion!!!! Apparently they are in just about every home. They like damp areas and the indoors. They are so tiny and creepy-looking. They do resemble a scorpion but are missing the stinger. The pincers look gruesome enough to give them respect. They sure are ugly, but tho they carry venom in their claw, they are so tiny that they are harmless to humans and animals. No matter, cause, I hate these lil uglies.
Now that I've given you all the creepy-crawlies., have a nice night. Ha!

Here's hoping you see little fawns with bright white spots and No Psuedos.

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Dar said...

By the way, there is a new Blogger out there, so please give Danielle a warm welcome at Mommy'sTyme.blogspot.com She would love to hear from you. She is my future daughter-in-law., a real sweetie. You will love her too.

~mel said...

Dar ~ you have Danielle's URL wrong. It's http://www.mommystyme.blogspot.com

Dar said...

thanks Mel. See Danielle, I'm the 'illiterate' when it comes to this stuff...just ask Aunt Mel.

Lucy said...

Now is as good a time as any to see if I can comment. Several people have been having trouble. Hope you get a picture of the fawn again. As for the creepy crawly thing. I do not like any of them. Thay make my skin crawl.

texwisgirl said...

we have the real scorpions here; no need for pseudos. fortunately we only get the small brown ones that are an inch or two long - not the big black ones that are more desert-ish. but they still hurt like HE** if you get stung!

can't wait to see fawns!

The White Farmhouse said...

I miss the twins that we had last summer. I wish more would come back. I got my camera ready just in case! That scorpion, psuedo or not, sure is nasty looking! I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark corner!

Paula said...

Oh how sweet, nothng like seeing wildlife.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, OH ---I hope you get to see the little fawns this year since they obviously are so near to you. I'm sure the boys and their Grandmother enjoyed seeing that little one.. How Sweet....

Scorpions???? No thanks... I don't want any, thank you very much... ha


Cicero Sings said...

What a neat picture of the kids with the fawn. I'm surprised the mother let them that close.