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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Best Spent 5/Project & Fun Stuff

A few entries prior, I showed you this $5.oo adjustable rake that expands from 7.5 inches to 25 inches wide. My first thought was that it could not be all bad being Black & Decker, but it was so cheap, so of course, I'm thinking it wouldn't be worth it.The orange section holds a latch at the back that secures the rake into place at whatever width you wish to rake with.
I have to admit to being a bit skeptical at it's ability to hold up to the pressure sometimes applied doing simple raking. Of course, being such a beautiful spring day, (our first actually), I had to put it to the test.
Was I ever pleasantly surprised. I used it at several widths and it never failed me once. At mid-width, it even worked quite well to scoop and pile the smallest balsam and spruce cones without loosing them. Even at it's narrowest point, the handle was still long enough that I did not have to bend down, something that is difficult with metal in my back. I was impressed. It raked easily and did not feel flimsy. I'm actually going to get another one for DH. I'm sure he will appreciate me. LOL
Once a few flower beds were cleaned out, I decided it was still too nice to go inside for more than a glass of water. Out I came with a bag full of plants that still needed to go into the ground. Directions read that the ground should be at least 50 degrees before planting any of these. They went in anyway, even tho a bit cool yet, but I've never had bad luck with them before. I'm sure I have planted them in much colder ground than todays. We have such a small window to garden in up north in our zone 3, that we tend to take a chance once in awhile. Today, more Stargazer Lilies, Black Hollyhocks, Deep Bluebeard Iris, and Luxuriant Bleeding Hearts were hugged with fertile soil. Now, to pray they grow.

Ben and his Daddy were tooling round and round the driveway when Ben says, "Look Grandma, I can do it all by myself."
Way to go Ben, Good job. It sure didn't take him long to get the hang of it. Look at that 'tongue of concentration,' waggle. His chin was soaking wet, as well as the neck of his jacket.
During a break yesterday, I found this cool idea for an interesting garden feature in an old issue of Country Gardens. I love this. I think I will revisit the garage sale items before discarding them. The tower is made with glass and metal vases. jars, lanterns, globes, mismatched glasses, etc. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Let's see what you come up with.
This perfect day of weather was finished with a perfect sunset. The sky is promising more glorious spring is finally on its way...., that is, after tonights rains.
Nothing can spoil my good humor tonight, for I finally feel invigorated again. Digging my hands in Mother Earth must have been the ticket to my smile. I ache all over, but it's a good ache, for the most part. The sun touched my face and it's warmth gave me hope again.

I pray you find a piece of sunshine in your bit of heaven.

BlessYourHeart and ThanksForComingByAndMakingMyDayBright


Anonymous said...

I want one of those rakes!!

Dar said...

Family Dollar downtown Mel.

texwisgirl said...

glad you are finally getting some spring therapy (aka dirt digging!) :)

Lucy said...

Glad it finally warmed up enough to dig in the ground. You do have long winters, don't you. Seemed like we had a longer one than usual.

Suz said...

ah..that good ache

Fred Alton said...

It's so nice to get outside after a long cold winter. I'm happy you got that rake. Sounds like just the thing I'll need around the cabin since my gas leaf blower bought only two years ago is totally missing! Thank you for the great post here. So up-beat and cheerful.