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Friday, January 21, 2011

Broken Hinge, Another House Warming

Have you ever had this dilemma? My lazy-susan door of my cabinets broke a hinge/hinge plate. I have spent the past couple of hours looking for a replacement. There are no part numbers anywhere on this piece, but one of the inside hinges had a name on it of BLUM. Ok, check there.
Either the piece has been reconstructed into something better or they just don't have them. It has a clean enough break, but because it is not something that can be welded, I guess I'm either in a pickle, or will have to live without a door section. I hate when these things happen. We already know, that , that is not happening.
I finally found a phone number and will try there, but if all else fails, I have not given up yet. My youngest brother is a metals fabricator/tool n' die/guy, and says he can make me a hinge out of stainless steel with a lifetime of use. Sounds good to me....if all else fails, that is. He's a busy man and I hate to tie up his shop for a measly lil hinge. So, on with the good stuff.

As you all may have heard by now, the bottom dropped out of the temperature in WI, to the extent that schools and activities were all canceled until this ' dangerously, frigid air passes.' That would be when the full moon passes into a friendlier phase for us 'snow countrymen, women and children.'

Upon waking at 4 a.m. (being dear Bill had to clock in early at the mill this morning), our thermometer read a nasty-a** -27 degrees. Just at dawn, it dropped another degree. When Bill opened the door, a bit of wind hit his mustache and it froze before he got to the garage just across the driveway. Now, that's bitter c-o-l-d.

So, what a better thing to do, (as long as I was up) and the house needed to be warmed, but ..........BAKE GINGERBREAD. Ok, don't get on me about the box.
It just happens, that I bought it, intending for a quick batch of Gingerbread Boys and Girls, with the Grandloves over the Christmas shuffle...it was just waaaay too busy, so Gingerbread a month later, it is. With all the ice and cold, warm Gingerbread sure hit the spot. It's nothing like Mama's, but I can guarantee, it Will Disappear.
See, one piece is already going, going, gone!

Thanks for stopping...enjoy whatever weather the Good Lord brings you and


texwisgirl said...

Oh brrr... I'm sitting here eating ice cream as I was reading your post and got a quick chill! :)

Darla said...

Good luck fixing your door thingy...yep, those box cakes and breads are nice to have around sometimes. I bet your house smelled like Christmas....I feel so bad for you and that frigid weather...when your husband's mustache thawed, did it drip down his lips....just asking, lol.

Dar said...

re: T-I'm still chilled, can't seem to warm the house today with the wind chill.
re: Darla-it did smell good in here.
As for Bill's mustache, could not tell you as he was on his way to work. I won't even go out for the mail today...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Gosh--I'm complaining because our temps are low... BUT we are MANY degrees above you... Holy Cow... Cannot imagine temps THAT cold EVER... Wow!

Your gingerbread looks good... AND--I'm sure it smelled good also...Ummmmmmm... Save me a piece!!!!


Fred Alton said...

Sorry about that door hinge...but I'm pretty sure you will find a replacement - that is - if you can get out to the hardware store. But, OMG, you can't!! Not in that 27 below temp. And I thought it was cold here. Glad I read your post though as it made me realize how blessed I am to live this far south. ☻

jack69 said...

Wow sweet lady, the coldese we have ever lived in was 13 degrees below and that was for just a couple days then it warmed up to zero.

It is had to imagine that it is warmer in Alaska than your house. You guys are tough. Yeah, good idea to bakde some ginger bread, at least it isn't chocolate to send my girl into a tail spin. Ah, but then not a bad idea!!!!! hahahaha

Love you and stay warm and unthaw Bill's Mustache'.

Fred is right, reading the blogs from up your way, sure makes me appreciate our wet damp weather.

Cher' Shots said...

Feel like going swimming? I did when it was 35 below zero ... oh that's right, you read my blog. The gingerbread sounds really good. Love that smell.
'love & hugs from afar'

Anonymous said...

I've been watching our temperature drop all day. Last time I looked we were still above zero, barely. We won't be seeing temperatures as low as yours though. That is cold!!!

Anonymous said...

The gingerbread looks delicious. The temps have gone up here, but it is so windy which makes it seem colder than it is.
Have a great weekend.

Paula said...

Your broken thingy reminded me of recently I was trying to find a replacement filter for a very old air cleaner. When I couldn't get one any longer I decided to make my own. When I took the old one out I realized I could just wash it and reuse. "Duh!"

jack69 said...

I came back just to say I hope you find the danged hinge!!!! hahah

You will, but it is nice knowing if you don't someone can build it for you!!!

Love you girl....

chubskulit said...

Ouch, sorry about your lazy susan.
The ginger bread looks delish!

Sheila said...

Now that is cold...I like snow, but don't think I want it that cold. When we first lived in Kansas many years ago, it once got down to 53 below with the windchill, don't remember the actual temp, and I remember the lock of my car was frozen and once we got it thawed enough to unlock, the car wouldn't crank. Hubby drove me to work. But everything worked fine once it warmed back up. It never got that cold again and we lived there 9 years.
Take care, Sheila

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