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Monday, November 29, 2010



I guess there are all kinds of processing, such as processing a thought or the steps something goes through to its end, such as the process of a seed to fruit, veggie, or nut.
There is the process or way something is prepared or heaven forbid, being processed or summoned by the court.

Our means, however, is to process the end result of a good harvest season, or namely, Bill's deer from this past weeks hunt.

Since early morning, I have been stoking the wood stove in the garage to first take the frost out of the room and the subject, thus making it easier for step 2- turning harvest into a meal. I'm fortunate to have a canning area, with stove, frig, counters and equipment in a clean area out of my house, a huge plus in the processing department.

At this point, you will be glad my photo processing is nil, as putting up any kind of meat is not necessarily a pretty site.....depending on how you look at it., I suppose.

We will be making steaks, hamburger, loins kept whole for the grill, and cutting the remainder of the meat into bite-sized chunks that will be canned. The canned meat is then used in stroganoff, soups, stews, mincemeat, (processed a bit differently, but delicious in a pie), venison with gravy, sub sandwiches, etc, etc.

I know there are folks that do not eat meat, but our family grew up on living off the land, and we carry on that tradition today. You could say that our family has been "living Green" for centuries, long before Al Gore brought it to our attention.

We are proud to be able to supply food for our family from God's Good Earth and Field. It was meant to be that way., so we carry on.

We laugh when the gate gets knocked down in the garden, thinking how we are happy to let the deer have a munch here and there. Come fall, they are harvested, and we already have veggie venison stew all in one. Imagine that.

What a blessing when Bill gets his deer. If any of you ever have a 'hankering' for the best Venison Stew in the world, just go to Mama's......mercy, so lip-smacking and how grateful all of us kids are that she has taught us her little secrets.

A note about the hunt this past week...not only did Bill get his deer but he got to spend time with another Dear...his 15 yr. old granddaughter sat in his blind with him a couple of times. I asked Hannah if she saw anything. She said " No, but it didn't matter because she got to spend time with Grandpa, all by herself, and they had some great talks. " That is about as special a hunt as any.

Andy also took his son Sy, with him the last afternoon. He said he loved it because even tho they only saw red squirrels, he got to be quiet with Dad without his noisy little brother...lol. Special times for special people.
All parts of our Thanksgiving week, and we Are Thankful.

Thanks for listening to my babbling on about nuthin'


~mel said...

I'm still working on getting my deer ~ I'm thinking of putting in some time during the muzzle loader season. Yeah... you do have a nice set up now out in the garage for doing your butchering and canning. Tell Bill congrats for me.

Fred Alton said...

WoW, Dar! Your set-up really sounds grand. However, my sweet wife likes the fact that I pay the butcher to prepare everything for the freezer. She and I did the work on that last one (about 25 years ago) and we decided it would be so much worth the price of having it done by a butcher. Less than $50! I admire your family life-style and thank you so much for the kind words on both my blogs. Especially love those family times you folks arranged by taking the young folks with you to the deer stand. You are an exceptional family!

jack69 said...

Amen to Fred's comment. We were very impressed with the whole family, You and Bill, Mel and Slim and especially Mama. I did get a look at your canning and processing area, you and Mel have great areas to work and process.

I have cleaned, rabbits, Squirrels, chickens, turkeys and birds. But only got in the way when dad would kill his yearly hog.

We have never canned meat, that sounds good. The venison stew smells good already!

Take care and thanks for the entry!!!
Love from North CArolina

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, Congrats to hubby for getting his deer... I know you are all happy... You fed them --and now they will feed you!!!!!!

Glad also that you have an area out of the house to prepare all of the meat.... We love meat and have always eaten meat --but the only thing we have 'hunted' was when my Daddy would go fishing and bring a bunch home.... Yum!!!!!


Paula said...

It is nice you have such a handy place to process the meat. I always hated that mess in my kitchen. One year I had the flu and that was my chance to get Mel to using a processing plant. Also I was not allowed to talk in the deer blind and heaven forbid if my stomach growled. lol Nice memories from my younger days with my deceased husband Mel.

Vickie said...

Hello there, Dar - nice to meet ya!
Don't say "nuthin'" - it's really somethin'!

I grew up the same way you did - my grandparents had the garden and I grew up eating everything that Dad hunted and fished out of the lakes and rivers. I used to tease my dad and my dates that I didn't know what beef tasted like til I started dating.

I've processed deermeat, too, on my island in my kitchen. It's a huge messy job, but it's worth it. I've got a freezer full of venison right now, too!

Sounds like good memories are being made in that deerstand with your young-uns! I'm off to see what else you're up to!

Lucy said...

Hi Dar, It is so good to be reading your blog again. I had a lot of ime invested in getting anew server, I should say security program for the windows 7 bvut I am back and so glad to be able to be with my bloggers. Sounds like you have a good set up for your processing. You always speak of food and it makes me hungry.

Tookie said...

My guys didn't get any deer this year :( We all love venison stew here.

Thanks for your comments on my Tookie blog.

Cher' Shots said...

Good job Bill ~ YUM Venison! Dar, you are so right, it makes the job so much easier having a nice set up to work at. 'hugs from afar'

Paula said...

We just put our first deer in the freezer 2 weeks ago, and I've been making jerky out of it so far. (Hubby loves it!)
Ours is all ground, so lots of chili is in our future!! *YUMMY*
That is so sweet about Hannah enyoying her time with her Grandpa!