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Friday, July 9, 2010

Road Trippin' Again

We were so fortunate to have another ' Blue Sky ' day, so my sister Mel, friend Karen and I hit the road to investigate a succulent greenhouse we had heard about that was 42 miles from my house. Mel strapped her hubby's ladyfriend, Slim's Girl, the Garmin guide, to the dashboard, and away we went.After our ride through unknown territory, very desolate roads, we finally arrived at the Big Brook Greenhouse, known on the net as Simply Succulents. WHAT a Wonderful Treat. The Sempervivum, semp, also known as a Hen and Chicks variety above, is called Oddity. And what an oddball it was, so tubular and mysterious-looking.
As you can see, the grounds were outstanding as we were free to stroll about and fill our heads with yet another gardeners dream of doing the same. There were ideas everywhere. I can't wait to get the tractor fired up and turning a section of the yard into a succulent haven. This, of course, I will have to do while Willy is on a hunting trip. He won't like another thing to mow around, but then, no matter, since I'm the one who loves to mow.
We were greeted by Voodoo, the gal with the Voodoo sedum hair. She is just the most charming, don't you think?
Another greeter was Mr. Turtle with a back full of sedums. He had a whole family of youngins' roaming about the grounds and on the tables in the greenhouses. What a whimsical sight.
Pooch and his pals were scattering everywhere, cats, dogs, lizards glaring at us with their sparkling eyes.
Even the rooftops were alive.
The pottery jar was loaded with just one years growth of semps and sedums. Fabulous!
This one is in my future. They did not have any available and the name of this beauty escapes me. I love the flattened, daisy-like bloom with such a vivid color. There were too many succulents to show you all. My pocketbook is going to go blank if I were to get them all. They had over 100 varieties, and are still growing. The succulents are the specialty of this greenhouse in Cable, WI. and what a special treat to be able to visit.
The area we were in was obviously a tourist area with interests for all, like these chainsaw carvings. This drive-by shot is all I got as we were dehydrating and needed sustenance., so on we went.
Mel guided us to the Green Lantern, so named by it's glowing check-out light.
If you are ever in Glidden, WI. you Must take a detour off the main highway a block and a half to the east, and visit this charming eatery/bar/ice cream shop/R&R/antique Restaurant called The Green Lantern. It had the best food and such HUGE servings. I ordered a basket and I thought she had misunderstood me and brought me a dinner plate. Bill had his supper, thanks to their lumberjack servings, because there was no way I could eat 3 huge fillets of fish in one sitting. The meals also came with a variety of chips and homemade salsa that was out of this world. We all went away ready for a nap., so full of good eats.
The butler insisted we have a mint for the road. He was so courteous.
It was a wonderful afternoon. The weather had cooled and was perfect for roaming around outside. The company was hilarious. I would do it all over again, well, except for one thing. Don't ask!

Have a safe weekend, and keep your eye on the road. Watch out for the blue bubble and mind your speed.



Suz said...

The best part of the day was being with your girlfriends right? Wow I wished i had been with you. You cracked me up..fire up the tractor....I've never known anyone with a tractor...for gardening! Ha!And oh my gosh..my husband was the same way about grass and mowing..poor kids...he never wanted anything around to make his life harder..likea swingset ...but thankfully i never listened to him and he just cut around the stuff! Now we have a landscaper ...a man who just cuts the grass and doesn't say a peep

Cher' Shots said...

Oh sure - wait until I get back to Michigan and then go (see me pout) But how could I have missed it ... we go past that area often enough, but I don't recall seeing any signs for the Big Brook Greenhouse. Hmm... anyways ~
We have eaten at The Green Lantern several times. Good food!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...


The White Farmhouse said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. Love all the plants even though the first one was kinda creepy. That is too funny that you save the projects you know your hubby won't like for when he goes off hunting. I do the same thing. By the time he is back it is done and finished. I did that when I painted my countertops. He loves them now, but when I suggested it he didn't like the idea at all.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

WOW what an awesome place!!! SUch a variety. Can't wait to see your new project finished.

Thank you SO much for the ID on the plant!! Need to get out and pull!!


Anonymous said...

That sure sound like it was a great afternoon and for sure a pretty neat place to visit.

Whitetail Woods

Fred Alton said...

What a way to spend a day! Out with your friends doing whatever you want - while dreaming of making your home more beautiful. All the plants look great - but that first one, the hen and chicks, looked good enough to eat.

Lucy said...

I will never see it but that is a good thing. I would be flat broke upon leaving such a place.

Darla said...

Love whimsy!! Your variegated sedum with the pink blooms is Mezoo.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Okay---fess up!!!!! What is the ONE THING that would keep you from going back???? Was it the Garmin???? We love our Garmin--but sometimes that little lady can get us all confused!!!!! OR---did you go home with WAY too many new plants????

I love semps --and actually have a blog friend in Florida who is a succulent lover.... Besides our semps (By the way--I love that one named Oddity) we also grow Autumn Joy Sedum.. Did you see it? It's a nice one because it blooms from late summer til frost --and turns color throughout the fall.

The Green Lantern looks like a neat place to eat... Hope you get back there someday!!!! Anxious to see what all you bought...

jack69 said...

Now Sherry sits across from me and says, "I'd like to see that place!" She is looking at Ms. VooDoo. I recognized the hairdo right off, I saw that at Walmart the other day! hahaha!
Good Entry, we made a note of the Green Lantern as a place to eat, sounded good.

I was impressed with the butler, and his insistence!!!

Love ya!
Hot in Belmont NC

Shelley said...

What a great place! I see so many things I want! Especially that pottery jar!

Rebecca said...

Oh what a great day...of course except for the don't ask part. I'll have to send my neighbor a link here...her garden is sooo full of whimsy she would just love Voodoo. I guess that would be ok as long as her Voo doo doesn't resemble me.

Dee said...

Such a fun road trip. It's always a joy to venture along with you. Your photos and description of your day are such fun. Thanks for sharing!

Wishing you a fun filled weekend!

AL said...

Voodoo is retro! I love the afro-hair haha! I do love road trips, it makes me see lots of different and new things.

Btw thanks for dropping by and posting a comment the plants with red leaves belongs to the family Agavaceae, we call them Baston ni San Jose in english St. Joseph's cane. It is a medicinal plant and we have a lot of them here.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: What a neat look at all the planting ideas. It was a neat place to share.

vintagesusie & wings said...

What fun!!! This garden is a brown thumb gardener's delight. {which is me} I can't grow anything, I keep my plants in pots that say 'Please grow!...I'm not kidding!
Thanks for taking us along for the ride friend...

lil sis said...

What a pretty place...glad you had such a wonderful
time. The Green Lantern looks like my kind of place
too. Wish I could have been there, I would have been
laughing with Mel towards the end, and then scolding
you - lol.
Behave, and catch ya later, love ya, me