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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Day at Dar's

Years ago, this was one of the ' tools of trade,' to get the hay made. That, in turn, feed the cattle, to make the milk and cheese products we consume, besides the juicy steaks, roasts, and sausages we carve.
Needless to say, as times change, tools change. Our dump rake that aided in making the windrows during haying season, now sits back at the cabin as a decorative feature. I want it home, so I can enjoy it with tons of flowers planted around it, don't you think?
It was a gorgeous, blue sky, breezy, hot Saturday, so some boot-kicking ...
or other persuading, had to be done to get things rolling, no pun intended.
Fancy windrows were made. A farmer the other side of the river cuts our field so it doesn't grow up in weeds and alders.
I love the smell of fresh cut hay and watching as they roll it into those huge, round bales over and over.
On our way to another food plot that needed planting, look who landed by my hand to hitch a ride. He wasn't about to leave without a little persuading. It took a clover flower to convince him there were better places to beeee.
On the way to the plot, I noticed how nice the poplar saplings are coming since this 40 had been clear-cut 10 yrs. ago. It's amazing how quickly a forest regenerates itself.
The garden is coming along fine too, in spite of the torrential downpours we had been having. One end flooded, taking over a week to begin to dry. It is finally showing some promise of produce by fall.
Thick clover plots is what my guys are looking for in their food plots. My apologies if you do not understand, but luring deer to the plots for a safe shot at a manageable one, feeds our families and those of the community. Venison steak is one of the healthiest meats ' on the market.'
Before they get clover as lush and enticing as this, first we must...
plow, disc, pick rock,...
seed the plot, and roll it or drive over the field to press the seed into the soil so the wind and birds don't take it. Then we wait, pray for rain again, and lots of heat.
This field was quite wet already so should come fast with the heat we have been having. I suffered a little heatstroke yesterday, so I'm taking pictures while my brother and dear Willy are finishing up. Look at Bill go with that seeder.
Finally, we got to do this under the shade, rest and relax while eating ice cream cones.
The house smelled wonderful as the beef roast, carrots, celery, onions roasted in their juices in the slow-cooker while we worked. To complete the meal, all I had to do was finish the mashed potatoes and make gravy from the drippings. What a feast. It was topped off with the apple turnovers I had baked in the morning before we headed to the feed store for seed.
It was another very productive Saturday. We feel good, and want to keep this pace up as long as we can. Life is Great!

Stay Active and


The White Farmhouse said...

I just love spending the day with you. My hubby tried doing food plots last year. I think he tried to go too fancy. I'll tell him to try the clover. It's hard cause we don't live near enough to take care of it when Mother Nature doesn't.

Lucy said...

I always like to come to your blog because it is so interesting. I would not need to lure the deer because I simply do not like venison any way shape or form.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, I enjoy hearing all about your busy life... Wow---you all do work so very very hard. I admire you... However, while staying ACTIVE, don't do things like having a heat stroke!!!!! ha

Thanks for sharing...

jack69 said...

Yeah!!! great entry. Loved all the pictures and the narration. Liked the BEEEE shot.
I love smelling the newly cut hay. Not a farmer but visited a few. Still love the smell. My dad grew up on a farm, and farmed the first few years of their marriage. He declared Rocks grew in Georgia. They had to haul so many every year.

The food smells good, save some!!!!!!!

Love from Belmont, NC for two more days. We start our trip, "Off to see the Wizard".

Joops said...

It is so nice to leave where nature is abundant, beautiful photos you have.

Thank you for letting me know about the peony, no wonder our dog got sick one time.

Kellie said...

Hello Dar~

You have a lovely home place.
I love the smell of fresh cut hay too! Something about it reminds me of my Grandparents place down in Kansas.

Have a good week.

Cher' Shots said...

We all seem to love the smell of fresh cut hay, but you know me ~ I'll go for the beef roast, carrots, onions and mashed potatos with gravy. lol

Fred Alton said...

Dar, yours sounds like it is the "life to die for"! What a great post. I'm impressed with the room you have to lure the deer in close! Great area. Takes lots of work - but it is work that produces wonderful results!!!

Shelley said...

Felt like I got to enjoy a great day in your life! Love the views you have too!

Shirl 72 said...

Dar I love to read your Blog and your commente on Jack's Blog. You are so kind. As you know I don't write much on my blog. I am not as smart as my brother he is a genius and has one son and twin grandsons that are following in his steps. It looks like you work hard. As you have read on Jacks blog we were raised in the City and it is wonderful to read blogs like yours. I will confessed I love City Sounds but that is all I have ever known. That is why your blog is so interesting. You are a very sweet person.

Shirl Jack's Sister

crochet lady said...

Those are such wonderful tit bits of life on a farm.

janet said...

Apple Turnovers!!!!!!! Why wasn't I notified????? Loved all your photos. Hoping your summer is being enjoyed and wishing you many more lovely days...keep the pic's coming!
Janet xox

Rebecca said...

You guys must be in great shape! I kinda wish I had more outdoor work to do. Kinda...this humidity makes me 2nd guess that though.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: Wonderful photos from your farm, they were really fun to see.