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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Even my 'deck' was smiling, can you see it? We are finally getting more than a few sprinkles so there may be some hope yet, for life returning to the dying trees and plants.
Before my 7 yr. old grandson left, he gave me a 'clue', smiled, and walked out the door giggling. He said he drew a picture for me and that I should ' see ' if I could find it. I never look into this mirror above the ' throne ', so it took me a while. I had to laugh as the light hit it just right as I walked into the bathroom, and there it was. He drew a stick girl and wrote Grandma, under it. I laughed out loud, to ' see ' it.
How's this for a strange lil fella. Look at that tail. It looks like this mischievous little chipmunk that we have named ' Trouble, ' had dipped his tail in a couple colors of paint. Either that, or he has been co-mingling with Pippy Le' Pew.
I couldn't resist a few fun shots while checking the water level at the cabin. These are ' overflow ' bubbles. There is a large hemlock laying across the creek, and when it rains, the level comes up quickly. Foam and bubbles back up when the water rises to the bottom of the log. It looks cellular to me.
The center of the foam looks like a giant sponge. This one sure is holding a lot of water.
The next two pictures are overviews of the creek. Everything is sure green after the rains. The ferns are filling out and the mosses are forming on the fallen trees.
Click to enlarge and you will see how the creek has forked and more foam at the top right of the picture due to another large hemlock across the flow of water. The right side of the fork is always dry. Not today, and it's still coming down. I don't think we have to worry about our trees anymore.
After so many dry years, going on 8, the ground is finally starting to soften as it drinks in all the rains. The neighbor has been logging next to the line and due to the softer ground, a tree fell over the road while I was back at the cabin. This photo is deceiving, as I was ' just ' able to squeeze under the tree with ' Ol'Blue ', my faithful Dodge Pickup.
I arrived home to yet, another nice surprise. I thought I recognized his call. He sounds a bit like a robin but more quiet and melodious. He has a click in his song. I love to see him at the feeder with his distinctive rose colored breast on an otherwise, black and white body. He's actually pretty friendly, once he learns he can trust you.
Finally, I looked up to check the gloomy sky and I see this silhouette of a pair of doves. They mate for life. There is something so peaceful listening to them coo to one another. It's like they are conversing about the weather, just as I had been doing. Will they stay long enough for me to take their picture, I wonder. Perfect end to a day of surprises.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Dar.... I absolutely love your property... That creek is neat!!!!! Sometime---show us more of the log cabin!!!!!

Your little grandson is such a sweetie... Love the picture he drew for you.

I think you are right... Chippy did mingle with Pippy Le' Pew I'm SURE... ha ha ha ha

Love your Grosbeak and of course the doves...

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Fred Alton said...

Great pictures, Dar! You have a knack for good pictures and for describing them. I always enjoy your posts about your cabin and the creek. One of the best things is to watch the change come gently but steadily over the cold starkness of the naked forest and see them take on (at first) little signs of greening - then the buds and blooms until full maturity comes to the land. BTW - the birds at the cabin here - one on the back porch was the Carolina Phoebe (black and white type of wren) and the house wren on the front porch (rusty brown in color).

Dianna said...

I am intrigued, Dar, by how those hemlocks foam up when water flows through them! I love those pictures...especially the one that looks like a sponge.

I'm so glad that you are getting all of this good rain that your ground has so desperately needed.

Do you know the name of the bird with the red breast? He surely is pretty.

Oh...and I love the sense of humor your grandson has! That is something our 11 year old Josh would do! :)

Have a wonderful day today, Dar.

Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

It is always a joy to read your posts and find a positive, live in the moment, message.

Thanks and blessings to you this day,

Dar said...

OOPS! I failed to identify the bird on the feeder...he is a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

The White Farmhouse said...

Lovely post! I feel a need to go up to our place now. So quiet and peaceful. Everything just looks great after it's drink of water. Glad that you got the rain that you so needed. I am wishing for some sun though. I think I am rusting instead of tanning!

Darla said...

Love the picture!! Send us some rain!!!

Suz said...

ha ha grandson!
I sure enjoyed your photos...I love that bird too..that red,,mwhat color would you call it?
but I still love robins the best

Sunny said...

Glad to hear you are getting that much-needed rain! Real pretty photos also.

I have never seen any grosbeaks since living in KY. We used to see them at the feeders in Pa years ago. He is so pretty!!

jack69 said...

What a great photo tour and dialog. We are so glad the rain is falling, wonderful water.

Several unique shots. I have heard That geese mate for life, did not know about doves. Is that why they are the love birds?
I am always intrigued by your knowledge of the wild or out doors. I love to read, I feel close to your thoughts as they unfold.

And I never heard of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. I would have probably been as shocked to see one as I was to see a Green Jay in TExas.

imac said...

Such likeness Dar, lol.
Wonderful post.

Cher' Shots said...

enjoyed the journey once again

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: Fun shots of your area, it looks wonderful.