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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last of the Apples

It's RAINING! Some of you would dread the thought of it, but we in the midwest need it so badly. There is hope for this years apples yet.
But, in the meantime, what shall I do with the last of the apples that have been in my spare fridg. Shall I
Make Chunky Apple Sauce?, or
deliciously moist and mouthwatering Apple Pudding Cake, or
Crockpot Apple Butter, or
Y E S, Dar's Mile High Apple Pie, the one with 10 cups of apples. What a great rainy day thing to do....bake a pie.
This one is sooo easy.
Simply, unroll a Pillsbury Pie Crust right out of the box from your friendly grocers refrigeration dept...following instructions. There are 2 crusts in the box. You will need the 2nd one for the top of your pie.

In a large bowl, put 8-10 Cups of peeled, sliced Apples
1/2 Cup Sugar or more if apples are tart
1 Tblsp Cinnamon
2 Tblsp. Tapioca or flour (I prefer the tapioca)
Flip these ingredients around in the bowl until the apples are covered.
Pour into the pie crust carefully piling it high.
Add several dollops of butter on top of the apples.

Next, roll out the top crust a little bigger to cover the entire apple pile. Press edges together to seal. You can use the fork method if you do not wish to make the fancy fluted edge.

Prick a few holes in the top crust with your fork or knife or make a fancy design so the steam can escape while baking.

Brush top with milk for a golden finish.

Bake in 425 degree preheated oven for 10 minutes.
Reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake another 40-45 minutes or until golden and apples are done. Cool at least an hour to set or it will be runny when cut.

See........Easy as Pie.

This last instruction is the most important.

Go to the freezer, pull out the ice cream, top a large slice of pie, and ENJOY!
Have a great apple pie day.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how I'd love that ---especially with a scoop of ice cream on it... YUM!!!!!! BUT--I love your other apple dishes. I always ask for some Apple Butter when we go to Cracker Barrel. Putting their good apple butter on my biscuit makes me feel as if I have a dessert!

Glad you are getting some rain. I know you need it. Hope your colds are better now.


Darcie said...

You know, when we make pbj's here, the only jelly Austin ever wants to have is the Grandma kind. :) He loves your apple butter!

Darcie said...

Apple butter, apple butter. :) Austin only wants Grandma jelly on his PBJ's and it must be the apple butter. He loves it!

Darcie said...

Wierd. My first post did not show up right away and then did when I reposted. Ah Well, you get the idea, He loves it!

Cher' Shots said...

Love them all, but being the gray day it is ~ you're right , a pie baking will make the world seem brighter!

The White Farmhouse said...

Mmmm..... and it is such a great day to be working in a warm kitchen with wonderful smells coming from the oven. Course that would mean that I would have to clean the kitchen and I am just not that motivated today. Too rainy. Rainy days are sleepy days for me!

holdingmoments said...

You make that sound so easy Dar. I think even I could manage that. Sounds delicious.
That Apple Pudding Cake looks tasty too.

What a shame I don't live nearer lol

Pat said...

10 cups of apples! do you mix varieties?...i use granny smith/winesap/macs/jonathans

imac said...


Suz said...

Oh my...I must remember to do that word thingy at the end of my comment....
anyway..have I missed alot!
all this going on without me!
first of all...you have jacks and stuf in your woods....I'm jealous
You are sick! I had that about 2 months ago...nasty thing lasted over amonth..cough cough
Your rainbow baby ..precious!
Bear!!! Now you got me...I would love to see a real bear and a moose...and a tornado..at safe distance of course...lock those doors! A raccoon pulled our pull down from the second story deck!...but a bear....oh my
and last of all..those darling chicks...
they have them at the feed store in Ia and I just oogle over them...so precious...
One of my earliest memoires is of chicks and ducklings somewhere while we were on vacation in wisc.....I was 4...
I will try the tblsp of cin and sugar in my pies...sounds better than teaspoons
phew....got a soda

jack69 said...

Okay, okay you are beautiful, finally a recipe tha has no calories and looks and smell delicious even from here. The pie looks fantastic. so it is the milk that makes the golden brown crust?
I sertainly would not pass up that wouth watering Apple pudding cake!

Love you,
from North CArolina!

helenmac said...

Dar, a pie after my own heart: apples, apples, apples. Here's to Lake Superior! We camped for many years at Laura Lake near Armstrong Creek. And were there just last year coming down from Silver City (near Ontanagon) to visit relatives who were camping at Laura Lake.

Debbie Egizio said...

It all looks so delicious but I vote for that gorgeous apple pie. Thanks for sharing the recipe. What a doll!!

Dee said...

Yummy Yummy! I wish I could make wonderful foodies like this. My mouth waters just thinking of the fresh tasting apple treats.
Wishing you a sweet Friday!

Ann said...

The last apples are very sweet, and naturally ripen on the tree. Long time ago, before I had children, my husband and I used to drive out to pick your own apples. The apples were huge, because they were left on the tree. and they were very sweet and the apple farmer didn't want them wasted or waste money on laborers, So he opened it out for people to pick the,

Your pie is delicious.

Anonymous said...

Hi...LOL...well all I can say is..."all of the above" works for me LOLOL...now I have to get the hair dryer and dry off my keyboard from all the drooooolllll!!!! LOL...and yes...it has rained alot here...but oh we needed it also...and everything has taken hold and is growing so nicely...now we sit back and enjoy for a while...!!!! God Bless...hugs from Ora in KY

Jacquelyn Stager said...

I would love to try making your mile high apple pie! Next time I get a surplus of apples! I do make my own crust though...The recipe I have makes 5 and you can freeze them...And I like the part about grabbing the ice cream too! Have a great day!

Fred Alton said...

You are a great temptress! Apple Pie a la mode! Oh boy. Reading your recipe, I thought - "Even I could make that!" And surprise Frances... then I thought - Naaaaa - don't want to shock her. She's a recent heart surgery patient so have to be careful what I do. :D ☻

Dianna said...

Oh. My. Goodness! I will need to try that apple pie recipe! Thanks for sharing!