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Friday, May 14, 2010

Following Suit

Yes, look what pulled into the yard yesterday afternoon. A couple of the boys are going fishing this weekend. This rig and boat belong to one of them for the trip. The other pulls our boat to the campground at Lake of the Falls where they join yet a few more campers and fishing buddies with their set-ups. They will fish the Flambeau Flowage about 20 miles from here. It has over a thousand miles of shoreline so they have no excuse except to come home with a pan full of walleye for their mother. At least I hinted as much.
I say they are 'following suit' because they now do what Bill and I used to do when we had the kids all at home yet. It seems that our lives have gotten so busy with, God knows what, that we have put the fun aside for years.
They now do the camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, biking, card tournaments from one campsite to another when it's raining, waterskiing, horseshoes, jet skiing, identifying plants and mushrooms, birds and fish, with their kids like we did with them.
Oh the fun times we would have while camping under the stars, from our campers and tents, or just sleeping on the top of a picnic table...that's roughing it. It was great family time that we all enjoyed. It's great to see all of them following by example how to connect with their kids in a most educational but fun way. I always felt bad for the kid that never got to camp. We had taken many of their friends along throughout the years. Sometimes it even meant setting up camp at the county fair grounds while our daughter stayed with her horse and competed in various events.
I'd say that it is getting on 'time' we do it all again. They say that what goes around, comes around....in this case, from childhood to adulthood, back to childhood again. I'm ready to be a kid again.
Bill will be retiring one of these years and I think I need to start now, to convince him to get another self-contained camper or motorhome like we had before, so we can join our kids and his brother at the campground. Time to 'Wet a Line' and catch our own walleye and panfish again. That's what it's all about, right?...becoming Fishers of Men (and one gal).

Now, to list 10 things I love, aItalicwarded to me by a dear blog friend from The White Farmhouse.........
1. I love when my adult kids put their heads on my shoulder and say, "MOM"...and I Know what they are thinking.
2. I love that the rains have started to water our lands after this 7-yr. drought.
3. I love the time I get to spend with my sisters and Mom just walking around each others yards and smelling the roses and admiring what we have grown.
4. I Love that I can truthfully say, I love each and every one of our kids and
GrandLoves the same but still individually for what they have all become.
5. I love that I am a Christian, taught by my Christian parents that God is our
only salvation. I am not afraid.
6. I love when one of my GrandLoves always says, "It's too early!", to just about
everything you ask him. He is only 2.
7. I love that another of my GrandLoves Loves only my homemade Apple Butter on his PB&J bread.
8. I love getting my hands dirty in my gardens. It's where I 'loose myself'.
9. I Love my life. It's pure and simple.
10. I Love my family, friends and fellow Christians, and of course, all of you who
take the time to read my jibberish.
This is where there is room for more.........
I'd be lying, if I didn't add that I Love to eat good food, make good food, and grow good food. There is always room for seconds. LOL
Reading back on my loves, you would think I was a sentimental old slobbery family gal, and you'd be right. So...what are your 10 Loves?

Have a great weekend.
Bless Your Hearts


The White Farmhouse said...

Great job! That is a great love list as I knew that you would do!

You keep posting like that and my hubby will be begging to come and live with you! I got a great walleye recipe. Equal amounts of parmesan cheese (the real stuff) and mayo. Slather on the filets and bake at 350 degrees til done! Yum! Maybe I should be bugging him about going fishing again?!

Paula said...

Oh so many things I love. You know about the old common tank turtles and watching the cows chew their cud. Family, church, and you and all the bloggers.

jack69 said...

What a great entry. you brought back such wonderful memories. We camped as a family in pup tents, cars, YES on picnic tables, on the ground. What wonderful times. I was so happy to read others camped under the stars.
Of course we co not consider what we do camping, but I do love to smell the campfire and have hot coffee, sherry loves the marshmellows.
I like your loves!
Bless you all,
have a great weekend. I hope they catch the limit.

Fred Alton said...

Dar, I'm blessed by many of the things you write about - but I think the biggest thing is your strong and bold faith in Jesus the only Savior. He is indeed "the way, the truth, and the life". Frances does not have the same love for camping that I do - but always promised to go with me at least once a year. We have some stories too lengthy to share here. Memories were made!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We did almost the same blog today, didn't we Dar????? I would love your homemade apple butter too.. Our lives are very parallel, Darla. The biggest problem I had was a bad marriage --and stay in it for 20 yrs. We did make 3 wonderful sons --but that was about it. We were all about FAMILY, FAITH and FUN also... We used to camp and we've always enjoyed hiking and just being outdoors.

I see that lifestyle happening in my sons and their families now --just like we did... They fish and camp and hike --and love being together. See how 'alike' we are ????? BUT--the sad thing now for me is that all of us are scattered in different places ---and we don't get together much anymore. I miss that so much!

Great post.... I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope that you and hubby get to 'retire' sometime --and then get to go camping and fishing again yourselves.


Beth said...

Fun!! I love camping. Great post.


Lucy said...

We camped to much the old fashioned way, tents!!. I am happy at home now although that camper looks very comfy. Great post, and isn't it nice to love our families?

Shelley said...

I loved camping as a kid, and even though we have our log cabin up north, I still want to go camping in the upper peninsula this year. I agree w/ you that every kid should experience this!

Dee said...

I love your post. All of it, From the fishing trip to the Love. Thank you for sharing your inspirational love with us.

Wishing you a pleasant week!