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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Month's Labor/The Protestors

What a month. Each year, usually after Christmas, a new puzzle is started at the farm, my folks place. This year was no different except that
this extremely challenging puzzle called The Protestors ,was the most difficult puzzle to accomplish for a long, long time.
I am sure there are more aggravating ones in the puzzle world, but this was the worse one for us. There were at least a dozen family members and friends who picked up many a piece, only to lay it down again, unresolved as to where it should go.
The many lines and striations going every which direction, the colors all in greys, whites, blacks, browns...they got to the eyes of even those with the best vision. The pieces Mom is holding fit but are not meant to go together, as the lines do not run true.
1000, yes, one thousand of these darlings had us pulling our hair out. Many times, Mom was ready to slide the pieces back into the box. Somehow, the challenge kept chiding us onward.

This puzzle had no mercy, even though each piece at least met at its perfect edge. Finally, after a month of doting, fighting the right light, finding the right fit,We did it!!! Yes!!! The Protestors were beaten at their game. The family survived, and life goes on.
It's raining, I have to put my feet up, so I think I will start another puzzle...but it must come forewarned, once I see sunshine and green grass, a robin, I'm outa' here.
God Bless Ya'll in Your Puzzling World


Paula said...

I'm more into crossword puzzles but this one is outstanding. My daughter does some really pretty cat ones and frames them and hangs them in her garage.

jack69 said...

I don't have the patience for the type I see and you describe. Sherry has the patience of Job on puzzles. We don't do them any more, no room to leave them out in the motor home.
But Bravo to you guys for beating the Protestors!
Love from NC, Sherry & Jack

Darla said...

We love puzzles around here too. It's raining here as well...I'll go get my nails done I guess..

janet said...

We have green sprouting up everywhere and my Clematis has sprouted overnight! That was one heck of a puzzle!!

~mel said...

I can't believe Mom stuck with that one ... I know she was so ready to throw in the towel on several occasions. The few times I helped her on it, I too wanted to give it a toss. It really was a hard one to put together. I thought too, it had a very fitting name. Have you seen the next one she's working on yet that Colleen sent back with us for Mom? It's a real pretty farm setting with two cardinals on it. Hopefully, this one's thousand pieces won't be as frustrating. I told Mom she should glue the Protestors together and make a table top ~ I wonder if she put it back in the box yet? I'll have to give her a call.

Crystal said...

Oh you just brought back memroies of going to my grandparents and doing puzzles with them. I do miss them so much.
Your puzzle turned out wonderful. What a great photo/puzzle. Do your preserve them or do you just put them back in the box? This one looks worth preserving :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and your great input/comment on my room redo.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Stine in Ontario said...

Puzzles can be very frustrating but once they are done exhilarating! Job well done!

Skeeter said...

I love puzzles! The Saint and I use to spend hours working on them in the winter months while living in Germany. We now live in a less cold climate and have many channels on the TV so we dont work puzzles any more. I donated an unopened 1000 piece one to a Benefit yard sale a while back.

Sorry about your back and foot. Take care of yourself and soon you will be in the garden plucking weeds. Okay, that was not so funny was it. You will be in the garden smelling beautiful flowers. There, that’s better…..

imac said...

Its a nice picture too.