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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shine On

I have been in such a 'slump', 'winter blues', just plain HAD ENOUGH.
Sooo, to brighten my day, I'm thinking of all things shiny. I took a walk outside to see the sun beating down on the snow so beautiful. Who could not smile at those Diamonds covering my once green lawn.?
And Nothing cheers me more than to be reminded of my faith and thinking of all my loved ones under His care, (despite that devilish ice sickle), I am not discouraged.
I haven't seen a cardinal all winter, so this one will have to do. It is one of my ornaments from Christmas that I decided to leave out. I'm glad I did. The heat from the register twirls him ever so slowly throughout the day.
Look at those bright shining eyes of my GrandLove Noah. Who wouldn't be cheered by those brilliant baby eyes.?
And Plum Jelly...so crystal clear and ' yum in my tum '!!!
So, in spite of the long snowy days we still have ahead, there are just as many 'behind' us now. That will brighten anyones day who has not been fond of these long winters. Like my sister , hibernation has been a thought. Since I am not a bear, finding ways to entertain myself has become the option. Today, it was to 'Shine On.' How 'bout you?
May the Good Lord Shine On You


crochet lady said...

Thanks for sharing all those colorful and shiny things! It's good to remember there is color all around us even in the midst of winter.

bennie and patsy said...

Funny how this weather has got us all wishing for a break. I posted about hibernation today.
Sweet baby eye's

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: Fun post with all the color to brighten your day. I think it is why I enjoy Today's Flowers so much with flowers from around the world.

Cher' Shots said...

Thanks Dar, I needed that! I too was admiring the diamonds across the lawn this morning.

Paula said...

Not sure I could take those winters. It has been raining three days here and I'm already about to get cabin fever. Sure is a pretty sight for you though.

Dee said...

Very sparkley and glimmering. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, they made me smile and brought a shine to my heart. :)
I love your Noah's eyes. They're so sweet.

Wishing you a glowing rest of the week!

AL said...

Shining shimmering splendid Dar, thanks for sharing.


Darla said...

You sure made lemonade out of you lemons!! Happy post..

Dar said...

Thanks all of you for visiting and have another great day...Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy
God Bless

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, "Keep SHINING" is a great way to live during these winter months. I always say that life is about our attitude.... IF we mope around and get all depressed, that won't help us to get through the long winters... By being happy and finding joyful things to do, that will make winter look so much nicer --and also help us to get through it easier.

My husband loves to work outside.. BUT Winter is the only time for him to stay inside more and get some of his 'inside work' done (scanning old slides into photos, working on his stamp collection, reverting old 33 1/3 albums into CD's, etc).

I like to do Family History --so winter is a good time to do that. I guess we all have to adjust to all of the seasons the best way we can. That Plum Jelly looks wonderful.


Porch Days said...

I enjoyed reading about your chickens. My family had laying hens. I remember boxes of chicks. My dad was the mail man so he brought the chicks when he stopped by home for breakfast.

Thanks for the advice about the hornets' nest. I won't be getting this one as it is about 25 feet in the air. Thanks for visiting Porch Days.