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Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa's Elf

Phew.....I do feel like Santa's Elf.
I just realized that I have only posted a few times in the past few weeks.
Truth is, I have been a bit busy like all good ol' elves at this time of the year.
The knitting needles are still clacking, and the crochet hook is trying my patience due to the 'itis brothers' visiting my joints. My hands are killing me even though I know that keeping them moving is the only thing that's 'keeping them moving.'

Scarves, headbands, slippers, vests, leggings, all the intermediate projects that are fast to complete,are nearly finished....only 3 pair of slippers and 2 scarves to finish before the 19th. "I can do this. I can do this.", says the Ol' Elf.

Just when I think I have reached the end of the list of things to do, "Oh, there is still baking to do and fudge to make.", "Oh, and the tree to trim and the house to decorate." And, of course, Let's not forget the brandy slush...
The past few years, I have not done 'all the extras', but Christmas is at my house this year. We certainly do not want to disappoint a bunch of wee ones. I love watching their eyes light up as they wander throughout the house, inspecting and talking to each trinket. Christmas is such fun for us all, but especially the little ones.

Enjoy inspecting the work of this Ol' Elf, but for now, she really must get back to her duties. Falalalala lalalala.

There are scarves and headbands and slippers, oh my, and vests and leggings and more, oh my.

These turned out so cute and so soft

I Love this Flapper Vest and Scarf Set...and the Leggings and Vest Set too
Some of the many Decorated Sugar Cookies...
I Love this Guy...HoHoHo
More Christmas goodies

and More SnowmenOne of the 'favors' for the wee ones to take home to remember the sledding they will be doing during their stay.

Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night....

Blessings Be Yours


lil sis said...

Wow, you have been busy. Love all the cookie decorations,
they're awesome. All of the crew are gonna love 'em...not just
the little ones.

I'll take a scarf and a vest and some leggings if you have enough
yarn to get over these thighs! Rofl!

Dar said...

Of course I have enough...lol...
Sure do miss you lil one...check out your mailbox the end of the week...or so

Cher' Shots said...

Wow, such a busy little elf you are ~ I should be fired! But then again, I'm the one who persnally knows Kris Kringle. I see you watched Sandra Lee on Food network for the sleigh pattern :) Very cute. Have a great weekend with your family.

Dar said...

I love Sandra Lee...but if you noticed, I did the simpler, revised version...but still cute...I gave one to Sean yesterday and he says with his bright eyes, "Is that for Meee?"...you sure have an adorable grandson there Cher.

~mel said...

Phew! Santa's little helper has been busy! I finished off a scarf and hat set last night too. Then today, it's molasses cookies. The BIG ones... about the size of a cd disc. Who say's Christmas cookies have to be little. Tomorrow it's Spritz cookies and probably the sugar cookies.... but first I have to get to town and pick up some more eggs. Someone had to go and butcher Mom's chickens this fall; and now I have to run all the way to town for my eggs. grrrrr..... I know... I know... I'm just kidding around. I know the chickens were butchered so Mom wouldn't have to deal with them through the cold months; and they don't lay that good in the winter months either. Still... it's such a nice convenience when I can buy fresh eggs from Mom versus the store.
Your little sugar cookies are decorated so cute! I'm sure the little kids and the big kids alike will appreciate your efforts. You're a good Granny!!!

Dee said...

I am just blown away by the wonderful gifts you've made. I don't think I've ever seen such pretty cookies either. I admire your talent for knitting and baking.
I wish I was so talented. You're good, my dear. ;)

Well done Grandma Elf! ;) I know Christmas will be filled with lots of happiness and yummy joy!
Wishing you a treasure of Holiday Happiness!