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Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas All

It has been just beautiful out with the frost and snow...
Take a minute to walk with me

Seeds-a-plenty for the nuthatch and chickadees that frequent the feeders

Years ago I painted this artist conk, a mushroom variety of the woods
It turned out a cute ol' Santa, don't you think?
Merry Christmas from us to you all
Blessings Be Yours


lil sis said...

Loved taking a walk with you. Now all I need
is hot cocoa. The nuthatch photo is great.
Love the detail. The trees awesome, love the
snowflakes on it. And adore the Santa mushroom...
very unique. I'll put in my order for one of those
right now! lol One of these days, I going to be
crafty... just not today.
love ya, me

Cher said...

Loved it! Inside and out! and I really love the pic of you and Willy peeking at us :)
See you soon ~ Merry Christmas!

~mel said...

I love the frosty snowy pics of the pine bough and berries. Those would make a cool background page for a scrapbook... hint hint... I know you joined scrapbook flair; but I haven't seen any of your pages on there yet.

janet said...

what fabulous photos..love the frostiness ;-) Merry Christmas Dar!

Dee said...

Your photos look like I could reach in touch the frosty frozen berries and limbs. Beautiful.

I love your other photos too. That's a peach of a tree. Aw what a sweet birdie and that Santa is so cool looking.

Thanks so much for sharing these with us. :)

Wishing you and your family a Very Safe and Merry Christmas!